Best Games to Watch on MLB

Best MLB Games of the Month: April 2016

If you’re itching to watch some baseball this offseason, take advantage of your subscription to watch games from the 2016 season. We’ll post links to the very best 1-2 MLB games from each day of April 2016. And we won’t reveal any spoilers or scores!

Just like any game you watch, you’ll come to these ones not knowing whether your team is going to win or lose. You won’t know if this is going to be a slugfest or an exhibition of the pitcher’s craft. Maybe you’ll see a milestone or singular feat, or maybe you’ll see a walkoff win, or maybe you’ll simply watch a great, tense game.

Typically, each game is chosen for inclusion here by a few basic criteria: FanGraphs leverage index, close games with lead changes or extra innings, newsworthy headline-type events, combined pitching game score, inclusion in “best of” lists, or anything else that makes a game look interesting to watch. We just take it a step further and leave the mystery that comes with every live game so you can watch and rewatch great baseball.

Best MLB Games of the Month: April 2016

Note: We’re linking to home team feed, but you can change to the away feed (most games) if you prefer once the game starts.

4/3 Mets @ Royals
4/4 Nationals @ Braves
4/5 Tigers @ Marlins
Pirates @ Cardinals
4/6 Phillies @ Reds
Blue Jays @ Rays
4/7 Rangers @ Angels
4/8 Padres @ Rockies
Red Sox @ Blue Jays
4/9 Dodgers @ Giants
4/10 Cardinals @ Braves
Pirates @ Reds
4/11 Red Sox @ Orioles
Reds @ Cubs
4/12 Angels @ Athletics
Braves @ Nationals
4/13 Giants @ Rockies
4/14 Padres @ Phillies
Brewers @ Cardinals
4/15 White Sox @ Rays
4/16 Reds @ Cardinals
4/17 Angels @ Twins
Nationals @ Phillies
4/18 D-Backs @ Giants
4/19 Rays @ Red Sox
4/20 Blue Jays @ Orioles
4/21 Cubs @ Reds
4/22 Dodgers @ Rockies
Rays @ Yankees
4/23 Rangers @ White Sox
Mariners @ Angels
4/24 Twins @ Nationals
Pirates @ D-Backs
4/25 Red Sox @ Braves
4/26 Pirates @ Rockies
Indians @ Twins
4/27 Marlins @ Dodgers
4/28 Phillies @ Nationals
4/29 Astros @ Athletics
Indians @ Phillies
4/30 White Sox @ Orioles
Indians @ Phillies

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No spoilers, just the best baseball games to watch

10 Baseball Stats Books

10 Baseball Books for Stats Geeks

Baseball stats geeks love good baseball books. Here are some of my favorites from the past few years, along with a few classics and some upcoming ones that look good.

This post contains affiliate links. See our full disclosure here.

  1. Smart Baseball: The Story Behind the Old Stats That Are Ruining the Game, the New Ones That Are Running It, and the Right Way to Think About Baseball by Keith Law. Releases April 25, 2017.  ESPN analyst and senior baseball writer Keith Law takes a look at the old traditional statistics held up against the new “sabermetrics” statistics and argues for the latter.
  2. Baseball Prospectus 2017. Projections and commentary for the 2017 MLB season, this, the 22nd annual edition of Baseball Prospectus, is the go-to source for analytics and projections for over 2,000 major league players.
  3. Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game by Michael Lewis. The granddaddy book on the implementation of modern analytics, told in a fascinating way by master storyteller Michael Lewis. An absolute must-read.
  4. Big Data Baseball: Math, Miracles, and the End of a 20-Year Losing Streak by Travis Sawchik. A chronicle of the Pittsburgh Pirates and their transformation from a small-market sub-.500 team to a small-market perennial contender, through the application of advanced baseball statistics.
  5. The Numbers Game: Baseball’s Lifelong Fascination with Statistics by Allen Schwarz. A journalistic “history of baseball statistics” book that takes the reader on a journey before the days of computerized data into “Baseball’s lifelong fascination with statistics.”
  6. The Book: Playing The Percentages In Baseball by Tom Tango, Mitchel Lichtman, and Andrew Dolphin. With tons of stats, math, and examples combined with plain-English summaries of what they’re describing, the three statistician authors have created a technical yet readable classic in the baseball sabermetrics field.
  7. The New Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract by Bill James. This massive volume covers and analysizes the game of baseball from a wide variety of perspectives, all in Bill James’ inimitable style.
  8. The Hidden Game of Baseball: A Revolutionary Approach to Baseball and Its Statistics by John Thorn and Pete Palmer. Moneyball before Moneyball, this classic from 1984 is in its third edition and remains as interesting as ever to the student of baseball.
  9. Baseball Between the Numbers: Why Everything You Know About the Game Is Wrong by The Baseball Prospectus Team of Experts.  This is the book that examines, across every area of MLB team strategy and management, how the best practitioners of statistical analysis in baseball (such as Bill James, Billy Beane, and Theo Epstein) think about numbers and how they should influence the game.
  10. The Extra 2%: How Wall Street Strategies Took a Major League Baseball Team from Worst to First by Jonah Keri. In 2005, three Wall Street experts bought the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and proceeded to apply their skills at trading, valuation, and management to a major league sports team. This is their story.

MLB baseball books for statistics geeks

Balls used in Major League Baseball

10 Questions People Ask About Baseballs (as in, the actual ball)

Everything you want to know about the baseball – as in, the actual ball – used in the sport of baseball. Here are the 10 questions people ask about baseballs along with the answers.

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 10 Questions People Ask About Baseballs


A: The official size of a baseball is not less than 9″ nor more than 9¼” in circumference. In circumference, 2.86–2.94 inches. (Source)



A: The official weight of a baseball is not less than 5 nor more than 5¼ ounces. (Source)



A: 108 double stitches, sewn by hand.



A: This is one of the most-asked questions people ask about baseballs. The inside of a baseball consists of a tiny, grape-sized cork ball, which is surrounded by two layers of rubber. This rubber and cork core is wrapped with 121 yards of 4-ply gray wool yarn, 45 yards of 3-ply white wool yarn, 53 yards of 3-ply gray wool yarn and finished with 150 yards of cotton yarn. Lastly, all this is covered with two strips of cowhide leather which is stitched together using red cotton thread. (Source)

Baseball (ball) components:

  • Cork center
  • Black rubber
  • Red rubber
  • 4-ply wool yarn
  • 3-ply wool yarn
  • Cotton yarn
  • Cowhide leather
  • Cotton thread



A: This:

What does the inside of a baseball look like?



A: On average, about 65 baseballs are used in each MLB game. (Source)



A: Total, including batting practice, bullpen use, and official game balls, MLB uses around 1.26 million balls each year. Actual game balls, taking the 65 per game average above, is probably around 157,950. (Source)



A: In 1876, A.G. Spalding (a famous pitcher at the time who made his own baseballs and namesake of Spalding Sports Equipment) began producing official balls for the new National League. Spalding continued manufacturing baseballs for MLB for 100 years. In 1976, Major League Baseball switched to Rawlings.



A: Costa Rica, at the Rawlings manufacturing plant in the town of Turrialba.



A: All of the most expensive baseballs sold have been collectible, historic balls. Currently, Mark McGwire’s 70th home run ball from the historic 1998 season holds the top spot. Sports collector Todd McFarlane bought the ball at an auction for $3 million dollars in 1999.


Questions about baseballs - the actual ball

No spoilers or scores, just great baseball

Most Amazing American League Games of 2016 (No Spoilers!)

When recently posted their choices for the “Most amazing American League games of 2016,” they of course included the final score in each and every heading. You can go read their article at the link, and their reasons for selecting each game, but they will provide serious spoilers by not only stating the score right off the bat, but also describing what makes each game great.

Of course there are good reasons for them writing the article the way they did, but if you’re like me, you’ll want to watch all the best baseball games of 2016 without any of the surprise stolen from you. That’s why we’re presenting MLB’s choices for most amazing AL games of 2016, but we’re doing it by simply listing each game and letting you watch it to find out why.

You may also want to check out our post of the Most Amazing National League Games of 2016

As always, you’ll need a subscription to to follow the links.

Most Amazing American League Games of 2016


Remember to check out our National League list of most amazing games here. Pin it to save it for later:

Best Baseball Games - No Spoilers

Agree with the choices? Disagree and have better ones? Leave a comment below!

No spoilers, no scores - just great baseball

Coming on Opening Day 2017: Daily Best MLB Games, No Spoilers

Starting on April 2, 2017 – Major League Baseball’s official Opening Day for the 2017 season – we will beging listing the daily best MLB games without revealing any scores or providing any spoilers. We aim to be your go-to source whenever you want to watch a great baseball game on demand.

Daily Best MLB Games, No Spoilers

Maybe you work while the game is on live, or maybe evenings are family time. Perhaps you travel or are on call, or maybe your free time falls on odd hours when there’s no live baseball. Whatever situation you find yourself in, there will come a time when you want to use your subscription to turn on a game, and when that happens you want to watch a good game. That’s why this site is here.

Coming on Opening Day 2017

Starting on Opening Day 2017, here are we will list the top 5 or so games each day, ranked by how entertaining, thrilling, historic, or incredible the games are. We’ll take into account newsworthy events, walkoff wins, stellar pitching performances, rare feats, lead changes, and high-leverage situations to provide you with the daily best MLB games available, all without spoilers.

You’ll be able to use our site to find great baseball games to watch online or through your smart device anytime – whether you check in daily, weekly, monthly, or intermittently. Whenever you want to re-watch some quality baseball, you’ll find choice games here and you won’t have any of the thrill stolen by pre-reading the highlights or box score.

Watch Great Baseball, Anytime

This will also turn into a resource for you to catch some fun baseball during the offseason. With 30 teams playing 162 games per year, that’s 2,430 games each season – plus the postseason. There’s no way you can watch all those games during the regular season, so here you will find an abundance of fresh and choice games to view during the long, baseball-less winter months. We’ll also create “best of” lists by week, month, and year, as well as various other categories like pitching performances, postseason, grand slams, and more.

So bookmark and pin our site, subscribe in your RSS reader, and get the most out of your baseball watching experience.

Daily Best MLB Games - No Spoilers

Best Baseball Games of 2016 - NL

Most Amazing National League Games of 2016 (No Spoilers!)

The news/blog section of recently posted their take on the “Most amazing National League games of 2016.” You can read their article at the link, and their reasons for selecting each game. They explain each choice using the highlights from each game, which of course means major spoilers.

But if you’d like to watch these games without knowing the ending or any other important details in advance, we’re reproduced the bare list without giving anything away.

You may also want to check out our post of the Most Amazing American League Games of 2016

As always, you’ll need a subscription to to follow the links.

Most Amazing National League Games of 2016


Watch the games, then go check out the article to see if you agree on their choices. Also, if you’re clever, you could possibly figure out a few results just by looking at the list 🙂

Most Amazing NL Games of 2016

Anything to add to this list? Leave a comment below!

No scores revealed

15 Best MLB Games of the 2016 Postseason

MLB’s 2016 postseason was one for the ages. Day after day we saw thrilling games, often coming back to back and with entire seasons on the line. There were historic moments, an incredible array of teams with long postseason droughts, walkoff wins, stunning individual and team performances, and more.

Probably just about any baseball fan is familiar with the news behind some of these games, but we’re still not going to give anything away. So here is our ranking of the 15 best MLB games of the 2016 postseason.

15 Best MLB Games of the 2016 Postseason

  1. Cubs @ Indians, World Series Game 7 (11/2/16)
    Watch on MLB
  2. Cubs @ Giants, NLDS Game 4 (10/11/16)
    Watch on MLB
  3. Rangers @ Blue Jays, ALDS Game 3 (10/9/16)
    Watch on MLB
  4. Dodgers @ Nationals, NLDS Game 5 (10/13/16)
    Watch on MLB
  5. Orioles @ Blue Jays, AL Wild Card Game (10/4/16)
    Watch on MLB
  6. Indians @ Blue Jays, ALCS Game 5 (10/19/16)
    Watch on MLB
  7. Cubs @ Giants, NLDS Game 3 (10/10/16)
    Watch on MLB
  8. Red Sox @ Indians, ALDS Game 1 (10/6/16)
    Watch on MLB
  9. Giants @ Cubs, NLDS Game 1 (10/7/16)
    Watch on MLB
  10. Dodgers @ Cubs, NLCS Game 2 (10/16/16)
    Watch on MLB
  11. Indians @ Cubs, World Series Game 3 (10/28/16)
    Watch on MLB
  12. Blue Jays @ Indians, ALCS Game 2 (10/15/16)
    Watch on MLB
  13. Nationals @ Dodgers, NLCS Game 4 (10/11/16)
    Watch on MLB
  14. Cubs @ Dodgers, NLCS Game 5 (10/20/16)
    Watch on MLB
  15. Indians @ Cubs, World Series Game 5 (10/30/16)
    Watch on MLB

Happy viewing!

Postseason Baseball

Note: A subscription to is required to view these baseball games. Subject to availability and blackout restrictions, etc.

Watching MLB Games Without Spoilers or Scores

Welcome to Baseball Rewatch, Great MLB Games Without Spoilers

Welcome to Baseball Rewatch! Glad you’re here. Here’s a bit about us and how this site got started.

My Story

First of all, I’m a big baseball fan. When I was a kid, I went to a couple Oakland A’s games and of course played t-ball and Little League. But when I saw Fransisco Cabrera’s pinch hit and Sid Bream’s mad dash for home in the 1992 NLCS, I was truly and totally hooked.

Currently I work for several ecommerce sites, and do some blogging and help maintain a few other sites on the side. So I’m constantly on the computer, and when I’m not on the computer I try to be with the family or help out around the house. The end result is that I don’t catch too many live baseball games.

That’s why I love Since I occasionally am working on brainless tasks, I can flip on a ballgame while I’m working during daytime hours. I usually catch one or two games each week during the season, but the times I do there’s not always one on. So I put on a game from the day before.

I’ve always wished there was a way to make sure I choose a good game from the previous day’s MLB games. However, if I try to glance at any highlights or news items, I always get spoilers. I wished there was a source for finding the best games – since I can only catch maybe one that week – without knowing the scores or details in advance. There’s nothing like this on the interwebs, so I decided to do it myself. And that’s how Baseball Rewatch was born.

What is Baseball Rewatch?

The goal is to sift through the games of every day of each season, and find out which handful are the best. We’ll post those with direct links to the game on so you can watch – at any time – without accidentally catching a score or highlight.

We do not host any videos or recordings of MLB games. This site is simply a means to help you choose which games to watch using your baseball viewing subscription service. The most common one is, so that’s where we’ll put our focus.

We’ll also go through past seasons to find great games for you to watch during the offseason, the All-Star break, or any other time you get the itch to catch a good game.

Who is this site for?

This site is for anyone who wants to find an enjoyable baseball game to watch from the past, whether yesterday or years ago.

Specifically, this site is for people who:

  • Can’t watch their team due to blackout restrictions, but want to watch the next day
  • Can’t always watch games when they are on live
  • Want to watch a good game over the weekend at their leisure
  • Want to watch a good game during daytime hours
  • Want to watch a good game during the offseason
  • Only have small bits of time to watch baseball
  • Just got off a long shift or a week away and want to catch up on MLB
  • Rarely watch games, but want to watch a good one when able
  • Simply love watching good baseball

What metrics do you use?

Currently, we like MLB games with one or more of the following, very roughly in this order:

From this number of data points, it’s pretty easy to find 2-5 games that will stand out from the rest as more interesting, important, or enjoyable than the rest. Of course we realize that “interesting, important, or enjoyable” is pretty subjective, but the subjective combined with the unknown is what makes baseball so great.

Other stuff

We’ll have plenty of other stuff relating to baseball, including some commentary that will likely have stats, stories, scores, and other spoilers. Plus other stuff that we find interesting.