List of 2018 Subscription Prices and Sales

Since so much of what we do here at Baseball Rewatch points you to, and since you need a subscription to watch, it’s a good idea to keep tabs on the best time to buy the service.

Throughout the MLB season the price on a subscription goes down. Subscriptions last all the way through the end of the baseball season and through the offseason. That last bit is where we are the most helpful; if you score a deal on in the last week or two of the season the price often gets down to below 10 bucks, which means that you could have 3+ months of watching great baseball games (listed here, of course, without any spoilers) for less than the price of a beer at a minor league baseball stadium.

All righty, let’s take a look at the 2018 subscription prices and sales throughout the season. You can revisit this list and use it to estimate the best time to purchase for yourself in 2019, if you don’t want to splurge for the entire season or perhaps work during the school year. Also, you may want to check out the sales from 2017. While they do not do the same sales and prices each year, the price does go down somewhat steadily throughout the year.

2018 Subscription Prices

Entire year – $115.99

This starts at the beginning of Spring Training and includes every live out-of-market game. Your local teams will be blacked out.

However, you can watch the archive recording of in-market games 90 minutes after the conclusion of the game. This is, again, where we here at Baseball Rewatch come in. You can check back here and find out if your team’s game is listed as the best of the day, then watch it just as if it were live, spoiler-free. This is, of course, assuming you don’t track your team’s progress by the minute on the MLB app, which is included with your subscription.

Price per game: $0.72

That’s the full 162-game season (of course you can watch more than one game per day, so just about as much baseball as you can handle), plus more with Spring Training.

Memorial Day Sale – $69.99

Leading up to Memorial Day (starting May 26, 2018) the price for for the rest of the year went down to $69.99. Most teams have played about 54 games by this point, leaving 108 games in the season.

Price per game: $0.64

All-Star Sale – $39.99

Just before the All-Star break, went on sale for just $39.99 for the rest of the season. At about 95-96 games in for most teams, this means that you have about 67 games left. The sale began on July 13, 2018.

Price per game: $0.60

First 10 Grand Slams of the 2017 MLB Season

The First 10 Grand Slams of the 2017 MLB Season

It took exactly 13 days for all of Major League Baseball to combine to whack ten grand slams. Here they are.


We’re listing these grand slams along with the inning and score, so if you want to be completely unaware of all scores and four-run slammers before watching games from the first weeks of the 2017 season, avoid this post. Otherwise, proceed!

The First 10 Grand Slams of the 2017 MLB Season

1. Joc Pederson Slams First Grand of the Year (4/3/17)

With the score tied at one and two outs in the third inning, Pederson stepped in against the Padres’ Jhoulys Chacin. Boom.

2. Francisco Lindor Says Goodbye (4/5/17)

In the top of the 9th with Cleveland down 5-6 against Texas, Lindor says goodbye to the ball and hello to four RBIs.

3. Kendrys Morales Rips a Monster Slam (4/6/17)

With the score tied at goose eggs in the 3rd, Kendrys Morales blasts off.

4. Brandon Belt Belts a Brandon (4/7/17)

That’s the new word for grand slam. This term (#brandon) was coined on April 7 in San Diego, as the score flipped from 1-4 to 5-4 with one mighty swing.

5. Nomar Mazara’s Center Field Bomb (4/7/17)

With Texas up 0-4 in bottom of the 2nd inning, Mazara doubled their score with this grand slam as the Rangers raged with the sticks in search of their first win of the 2017 MLB season.

6. Andrew Romine Goes Grand (4/12/17)

Just like that, Detroit goes from down 1-3 to up 5-3. That’s the beauty of the grand slam.

7. Maikel Franco’s Stellar Grand Slam (4/12/17)

Down 5-0 with two outs in the bottom of the 6th against the Mets, Maikel Franco gives the Phillies a teriffic surge to pull within one.

8. Marcell Ozuna Removes the Goose Egg (4/13/17)

Bottom of the first against the Mets, Ozuna crushes a 2-1 pitch with two outs and the bases loaded to create an early lead for the Marlins.

9. Lonnie Chisenhall Swats a Big Fly (4/14/17)

Bottom of the ninth, down by five… it’s the stuff dreams are made of. Almost.

10. Logan Morrison Takes It Deep (4/14/17)

Up 2-0 in the third inning, Tampa Bay’s Logan Morrison adds four more with a no-doubt Grand Slam off Rick Porcello of the Boston Red Sox.

Complete List of Walkoff MLB Games for 2017

The Great List of 2017 Major League Baseball Walkoffs

Spoiler alert: Since this is called “The Great List of 2017 Major League Baseball Walkoffs,” you kinda already know what’s going to take place. Walkoffs are pretty much defined by the home team winning. So, there you go. You may know the final outcome, but how does it happen? Who has the clutch hit? Or is it a walk? A passed ball? Will it happen in the bottom of the 9th, or will it be the 12th? 10th, 13th, 15th…..??

In any case, you know these will be tight games with tense endings, and the thrill of the home crowd cheering on a clutch hit or smart baserunning. From bottom of the 9th come-from-behind two-run homers to bottom of the 12th walk-off-walks, these 2017 Major League Baseball walkoff games are simply fun to watch.

At Baseball Rewatch, we typically don’t go in for spoilers. Our goal is to provide you with a resource to watch baseball games from the past as if they were live. And not just any games – the best games from each day. You can go to and pick a random game, but wouldn’t you rather know you’re watching one of, if not the best games of the day? That’s what we do. No spoilers, no highlights, no scores, just every day’s most exciting MLB games. Check out the “daily” and “weekly” (etc.) posts to see more.

But every now and then it’s fun to switch it up and list something like this. I’m probably not the only fan that has a special weak spot for walkoffs. There’s just something ineffably exciting about the home team scoring the winning run as the crowd goes wild.

Here is our complete listing of all 2017 MLB walkoff games. Click the link to watch with your subscription.

The Great List of 2017 Major League Baseball Walkoffs

This list has been updated as the season progressed. All 203 walk-off games from the 2017 MLB regular season are listed below.

  1. Giants @ D-Backs (4/2/17)
  2. Blue Jays @ Orioles (4/3/17)
  3. Pirates @ Red Sox (4/5/17)
  4. Mariners @ Astros (4/5/17)
  5. Cubs @ Brewers (4/7/17)
  6. Blue Jays @ Rays (4/8/17)
  7. Royals @ Astros (4/9/17)
  8. Mariners @ Angels (4/9/17)
  9. Braves @ Pirates (4/9/17)
  10. Nationals @ Phillies (4/9/17)
  11. Dodgers @ Cubs (4/10/17)
  12. Rangers @ Angels (4/11/17)
  13. White Sox @ Indians (4/11/17)
  14. Phillies @ Nationals (4/14/17)
  15. Mets @ Marlins (4/14/17)
  16. Orioles @ Blue Jays (4/15/17)
  17. Phillies @ Nationals (4/16/17)
  18. Mets @ Marlins (4/16/17)
  19. Angels @ Royals (4/16/17)
  20. Rangers @ Mariners (4/16/17)
  21. Padres @ Braves (4/17/17)
  22. Brewers @ Cubs (4/19/17)
  23. Tigers @ Rays (4/19/17)
  24. Royals @ Rangers (4/20/17)
  25. Braves @ Phillies (4/22/17)
  26. Royals @ Rangers (4/22/17)
  27. Athletics @ Angels (4/25/17)
  28. Rays @ Orioles (4/26/17)
  29. Dodgers @ Giants (4/26/17)
  30. Blue Jays @ Cardinals (4/27/17)
  31. Orioles @ Yankees (4/28/17)
  32. Phillies @ Dodgers (4/29/17)
  33. Pirates @ Reds (5/1/17)
  34. Phillies @ Cubs (5/4/17)
  35. Red Sox @ Twins (5/5/17)
  36. Tigers @ Athletics (5/6/17)
  37. Brewers @ Pirates (5/6/17)
  38. Astros @ Angels (5/6/17)
  39. Nationals @ Phillies (5/7/17)
  40. Tigers @ Athletics (5/7/17)
  41. Giants @ Mets (5/8/17)
  42. Angels @ Athletics (5/8/17)
  43. Nationals @ Orioles (5/9/17)
  44. Pirates @ Dodgers (5/9/17)
  45. Orioles @ Nationals (5/10/17)
  46. Indians @ Blue Jays (5/10/17)
  47. Padres @ Rangers (5/11/17)
  48. Athletics @ Rangers (5/12/17)
  49. Reds @ Giants (5/12/17)
  50. Phillies @ Nationals (5/13/17)
  51. Padres @ White Sox (5/13/17)
  52. Mariners @ Blue Jays (5/14/17)
  53. Brewers @ Padres (5/15/17)
  54. White Sox @ Angels (5/16/17)
  55. Mets @ D-Backs (5/17/17)
  56. White Sox @ Mariners (5/18/17)
  57. Red Sox @ Athletics (5/19/17)
  58. Royals @ Twins (5/19/17)
  59. Blue Jays @ Orioles (5/19/17)
  60. Cardinals @ Dodgers (5/23/17)
  61. Pirates @ Braves (5/23/17)
  62. Rockies @ Phillies (5/25/17)
  63. Mets @ Pirates (5/27/17)
  64. Reds @ Phillies (5/27/17)
  65. D-Backs @ Pirates (5/29/17)
  66. Brewers @ Mets (5/30/17)
  67. Braves @ Reds (6/2/17)
  68. White Sox @ Tigers (6/4/17)
  69. Astros @ Royals (6/6/17)
  70. Pirates @ Orioles (6/6/17)
  71. Twins @ Mariners (6/7/17)
  72. Pirates @ Orioles (6/7/17)
  73. Mets @ Braves (6/9/17)
  74. Athletics @ Rays (6/10/17)
  75. Reds @ Dodgers (6/10/17)
  76. Phillies @ Red Sox (6/12/17)
  77. Yankees @ Angels (6/13/17)
  78. Phillies @ Red Sox (6/13/17)
  79. Yankees @ Athletics (6/15/17)
  80. Rays @ Tigers (6/15/17)
  81. Giants @ Rockies (6/15/17)
  82. Padres @ Brewers (6/16/17)
  83. Marlins @ Braves (6/17/17)
  84. Giants @ Rockies (6/18/17)
  85. Marlins @ Braves (6/18/17)
  86. Nationals @ Marlins (6/19/17)
  87. Padres @ Cubs (6/19/17)
  88. Tigers @ Mariners (6/20/17)
  89. Giants @ Braves (6/21/17)
  90. Blue Jays @ Royals (6/23/17)
  91. Reds @ Nationals (6/23/17)
  92. Rangers @ Yankees (6/23/17)
  93. Phillies @ D-Backs (6/25/17)
  94. Cardinals @ D-Backs (6/27/17)
  95. Yankees @ White Sox (6/27/17)
  96. Rockies @ Giants (6/27/17)
  97. Dodgers @ Angels (6/28/17)
  98. Rangers @ White Sox (6/30/17)
  99. Rockies @ D-Backs (7/2/17)
  100. Mets @ Nationals (7/3/17)
  101. White Sox @ Athletics (7/4/17)
  102. D-Backs @ Dodgers (7/6/17)
  103. Braves @ Nationals (7/7/17)
  104. Brewers @ Yankees (7/8/17)
  105. Yankees @ Red Sox (7/14/17)
  106. Cardinals @ Pirates (7/14/17)
  107. Giants @ Padres (7/15/17)
  108. Indians @ Athletics (7/15/17)
  109. Cardinals @ Pirates (7/16/17)
  110. Rangers @ Royals (7/16/17)
  111. Blue Jays @ Tigers (7/16/17)
  112. Phillies @ Marlins (7/17/17)
  113. Blue Jays @ Red Sox (7/18/17)
  114. Brewers @ Pirates (7/19/17)
  115. D-Backs @ Reds (7/19/17)
  116. Tigers @ Royals (7/19/17)
  117. Cardinals @ Mets (7/20/17)
  118. Nationals @ D-Backs (7/21/17)
  119. White Sox @ Royals (7/21/17)
  120. Athletics @ Mets (7/22/17)
  121. Blue Jays @ Indians (7/22/17)
  122. Padres @ Giants (7/22/17)
  123. Yankees @ Mariners (7/22/17)
  124. White Sox @ Royals (7/23/17)
  125. Braves @ Dodgers (7/23/17)
  126. Angels @ Indians (7/25/17)
  127. Rockies @ Cardinals (7/25/17)
  128. Braves @ D-Backs (7/25/17)
  129. Red Sox @ Mariners (7/25/17)
  130. Athletics @ Blue Jays (7/26/17)
  131. Twins @ Dodgers (7/26/17)
  132. Athletics @ Blue Jays (7/27/17)
  133. Rays @ Yankees (7/27/17)
  134. Twins @ Athletics (7/29/17)
  135. Rays @ Yankees (7/29/17)
  136. Braves @ Phillies (7/29/17)
  137. Royals @ Red Sox (7/29/17)
  138. Angels @ Blue Jays (7/30/17)
  139. Braves @ Phillies (7/30/17)
  140. Indians @ White Sox (7/30/17)
  141. Twins @ Athletics (7/30/17)
  142. Giants @ Dodgers (7/30/17)
  143. Blue Jays @ White Sox (7/31/17)
  144. Royals @ Orioles (7/31/17)
  145. Indians @ Red Sox (8/1/17)
  146. Mets @ Rockies (8/1/17)
  147. Mets @ Rockies (8/3/17)
  148. White Sox @ Red Sox (8/4/17)
  149. D-Backs @ Giants (8/5/17)
  150. Blue Jays @ Astros (8/6/17)
  151. Brewers @ Rays (8/6/17)
  152. Padres @ Pirates (8/6/17)
  153. Rockies @ Indians (8/8/17)
  154. Astros @ White Sox (8/10/17)
  155. Twins @ Tigers (8/12/17)
  156. Reds @ Brewers (8/12/17)
  157. Giants @ Nationals (8/13/17)
  158. Cardinals @ Red Sox (8/16/17)
  159. Reds @ Cubs (8/16/17)
  160. White Sox @ Dodgers (8/16/17)
  161. Angels @ Orioles (8/18/17)
  162. Blue Jays @ Cubs (8/20/17)
  163. Red Sox @ Indians (8/21/17)
  164. Dodgers @ Pirates (8/23/17)
  165. Rockies @ Royals (8/23/17)
  166. Athletics @ Orioles (8/23/17)
  167. Twins @ White Sox (8/23/17)
  168. Tigers @ White Sox (8/25/17)
  169. Rays @ Cardinals (8/26/17)
  170. Padres @ Marlins (8/26/17)
  171. White Sox @ Twins (8/31/17)
  172. Blue Jays @ Orioles (9/1/17)
  173. Cardinals @ Giants (9/2/17)
  174. Dodgers @ Padres (9/2/17)
  175. Athletics @ Mariners (9/2/17)
  176. Blue Jays @ Orioles (9/3/17)
  177. Brewers @ Reds (9/4/17)
  178. Giants @ Rockies (9/4/17)
  179. Yankees @ Orioles (9/5/17)
  180. Blue Jays @ Red Sox (9/5/17)
  181. Marlins @ Braves (9/7/17)
  182. Astros @ Athletics (9/8/17)
  183. Marlins @ Braves (9/9/17)
  184. Marlins @ Braves (9/10/17)
  185. Marlins @ Phillies (9/12/17)
  186. Orioles @ Blue Jays (9/12/17)
  187. Padres @ Twins (9/13/17)
  188. Royals @ Indians (9/14/17)
  189. Blue Jays @ Twins (9/14/17)
  190. White Sox @ Tigers (9/15/17)
  191. Red Sox @ Rays (9/15/17)
  192. Mets @ Marlins (9/19/17)
  193. Rockies @ Giants (9/19/17)
  194. Brewers @ Pirates (9/20/17)
  195. Indians @ Mariners (9/22/17)
  196. Cubs @ Brewers (9/23/17)
  197. Marlins @ D-Backs (9/24/17)
  198. Braves @ Mets (9/26/17)
  199. Giants @ D-Backs (9/27/17)
  200. Angels @ White Sox (9/27/17)
  201. Mariners @ Athletics (9/27/17)
  202. Pirates @ Nationals (9/28/17)
  203. Padres @ Giants (10/1/17)

2017 Major League Baseball Walkoffs

Best Extra Innings MLB Games from the first half of 2016

10 Incredible Extra-Innings MLB Games From the First Half of 2016

Here are the best of the best and most incredible extra-innings MLB games from the first half of 2016. What more could you possibly want in the offseason than more than* 30 hours of great baseball?!?!

*The average length of an MLB game is about 3 hours. From there the math is easy: 10 games times 3 hours is 30 hours. And since these are extra innings games… well, you get the picture.

These are games for the true baseball fan. Long after most seats have emptied, we’re the ones who are still there. As the inning count reaches into the teens, we’re still happily cheering, eating more hot dogs and Instagramming our excitement. If this is you, this is the list for you. You’ll need a subscription to to watch at the links, or you can find the games on your own subscription option if available.

We’ve listed out the best games from 2016 by each day of the month. You can find the best 2016 MLB games from April here, then May here, and just about to the All-Star break with June here. From those first three months of 2016’s most excellent and exciting games, here are our favorite extra-innings offerings that take you on a journey into the worlds beyond a typical 9 inning game.

10 Incredible Extra-Innings MLB Games From the First Half of 2016

4/17 Angels @ Twins
4/24 Twins @ Nationals
4/24 Pirates @ D-Backs
5/22 Dodgers @ Padres
5/27 Dodgers @ Mets
6/10 Cardinals @ Pirates
6/12 Red Sox @ Twins
6/15 Reds @ Braves
6/23 White Sox @ Red Sox
6/25 Mets @ Braves

Tell us: How did you like these? Did we miss any great ones? Do you have a favorite memory from watching one of these games live, or another great extra-innings game? Let us know!

Badass Team Names

10 Most Badass Minor League Baseball Team Names

Storms are crazy. Storm chasers are badass.

Minor league baseball teams can get pretty creative in their team names. When they’re not named after their big league affiliates, the minor league team nicknames often add local color and other historical or natural influences. Sometimes – if we’re lucky – the names venture out from silly and interesting into pure badass.

So I though I’d make a roundup of the scariest, meanest, craziest, and most hardcore local team names out there. These are the ten most badass minor league baseball team names I’ve run across.

This post contains affiliate links. See our full disclosure here.

10 Badass Minor League Baseball Team Names

  1. Diablos Rojos del México. “Diablos” (i.e., Devils) is just plain cool. Originally called the Reds, their current nickname game from a 1942 game in which they were down 13-7 in the ninth inning. The team rallied back with 7 runs to win the game, leading Basilio ‘Brujo’ Rosell to exclaim, “these Reds play like devils.”
  2. Albuquerque Isotopes. Isotopes are notorious for being unstable.
  3. Omaha Storm Chasers. Did you ever see the movie Twister? Storm chasers rule.
  4. Las Vegas 51s. Named for Area 51. And Vegas.
  5. Erie SeaWolves. Wolves are scary. SeaWolves? Scary times ten.
  6. Frisco Rough Riders. Named after Teddy Roosevelt’s famously swashbuckling military regiment. That’s badass enough, but somehow the use of the abbreviated ‘Frisco makes it even cooler.
  7. Lakeland Flying Tigers. Tigers are awesome; Flying Tigers are awesomer.
  8. Quad Cities River Bandits. River bandits come and go as they please, looting and pillaging.
  9. Kannapolis Intimidators. These guys are so badass, even their name is intimidating.
  10. Peoria Javelinas. Do you know what a Javelina is? I had to look it up. It’s a dangerous, scary pig.

A badass baseball team needs a badass logo. Out of these ten minor league teams, our winner for the best (a.k.a. scariest (a.k.a. most badass)) team logo is the Lakeland Flying Tigers:

Lakeland Flying Tigers

Just check out that crazy tiger with angel wings descending from on high, like the angel of death! Scary as crap.

Lists of things

Bartolo Colon Meme

The 2016 Major League Baseball Season in 10 Memes

The 2016 Major League Baseball season was another one for the record books. Here is the 2016 MLB season in 10 memes.

1. The beginning of 2016 all MLB fans be like…

Elf Meme - I just like baseball, baseball's my favorite

I’m already feeling this for 2017.

2. A new season means new… nope, same old Mike Trout

MLB Memes for 2016 Season

Here’s the original robbery, and here’s the 2016 version (well, one of them at least). Then there’s 2015, then 2014

3. 2016 let everyone know that the weird Blue Jays-Rangers rivalry is a thing

2016 MLB Season in Memes

It made headlines everywhere, and made the rivalry between Canada and Texas a real thing.

4. This was the season of Pitchers Who Rake

Pitchers who rake - MLB

…not to mention other heavy hitters like Bartolo Colon.

5. Max Scherzer and his 20 Ks

20 strikeouts Max Scherzer

In 2016, Max joined the exclusive 20K club. Not to mention the 2-time Cy Young club. When Max is on the mound… Put your bat down, you won’t need it.

MLB Memes

6. Yankees rookie gets cray hot

MLB Memes 2016

Gary Sanchez just went insane, nearly lugging the dreary Yankees to the playoffs in the process.

7. Jose Fernandez.

2016 Baseball Season in Memes

Rest in peace. You will be missed.

8. And then…. The Cubbies.

2016 MLB Memes

The whole world pretty much turned into Cubs fans for the 2016 season.

9.  Grandpa Rossy wasn’t the only player to retire in 2016, but he sure went out with a bang

MLB Memes

Wasn’t that game unbelievable? I still get shivers. Imagine nailing a HR in your very last game… in Game 7 of the WS… to help the Cubbies break the curse… amazing.

10. Speaking of retiring, 2016 was OWNED by Ortiz

2016 MLB Memes - David Ortiz

In the final season of a no-doubt Hall of Fame career, Big Papi lead the league in doubles, slugging, and OPS, and led all of MLB in RBI. Not a bad way to go.

10 Baseball Stats Books

10 Baseball Books for Stats Geeks

Baseball stats geeks love good baseball books. Here are some of my favorites from the past few years, along with a few classics and some upcoming ones that look good.

This post contains affiliate links. See our full disclosure here.

  1. Smart Baseball: The Story Behind the Old Stats That Are Ruining the Game, the New Ones That Are Running It, and the Right Way to Think About Baseball by Keith Law. Releases April 25, 2017.  ESPN analyst and senior baseball writer Keith Law takes a look at the old traditional statistics held up against the new “sabermetrics” statistics and argues for the latter.
  2. Baseball Prospectus 2017. Projections and commentary for the 2017 MLB season, this, the 22nd annual edition of Baseball Prospectus, is the go-to source for analytics and projections for over 2,000 major league players.
  3. Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game by Michael Lewis. The granddaddy book on the implementation of modern analytics, told in a fascinating way by master storyteller Michael Lewis. An absolute must-read.
  4. Big Data Baseball: Math, Miracles, and the End of a 20-Year Losing Streak by Travis Sawchik. A chronicle of the Pittsburgh Pirates and their transformation from a small-market sub-.500 team to a small-market perennial contender, through the application of advanced baseball statistics.
  5. The Numbers Game: Baseball’s Lifelong Fascination with Statistics by Allen Schwarz. A journalistic “history of baseball statistics” book that takes the reader on a journey before the days of computerized data into “Baseball’s lifelong fascination with statistics.”
  6. The Book: Playing The Percentages In Baseball by Tom Tango, Mitchel Lichtman, and Andrew Dolphin. With tons of stats, math, and examples combined with plain-English summaries of what they’re describing, the three statistician authors have created a technical yet readable classic in the baseball sabermetrics field.
  7. The New Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract by Bill James. This massive volume covers and analysizes the game of baseball from a wide variety of perspectives, all in Bill James’ inimitable style.
  8. The Hidden Game of Baseball: A Revolutionary Approach to Baseball and Its Statistics by John Thorn and Pete Palmer. Moneyball before Moneyball, this classic from 1984 is in its third edition and remains as interesting as ever to the student of baseball.
  9. Baseball Between the Numbers: Why Everything You Know About the Game Is Wrong by The Baseball Prospectus Team of Experts.  This is the book that examines, across every area of MLB team strategy and management, how the best practitioners of statistical analysis in baseball (such as Bill James, Billy Beane, and Theo Epstein) think about numbers and how they should influence the game.
  10. The Extra 2%: How Wall Street Strategies Took a Major League Baseball Team from Worst to First by Jonah Keri. In 2005, three Wall Street experts bought the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and proceeded to apply their skills at trading, valuation, and management to a major league sports team. This is their story.

MLB baseball books for statistics geeks

Balls used in Major League Baseball

10 Questions People Ask About Baseballs (as in, the actual ball)

Everything you want to know about the baseball – as in, the actual ball – used in the sport of baseball. Here are the 10 questions people ask about baseballs along with the answers.

This post contains affiliate links. See our full disclosure here.

 10 Questions People Ask About Baseballs


A: The official size of a baseball is not less than 9″ nor more than 9¼” in circumference. In circumference, 2.86–2.94 inches. (Source)



A: The official weight of a baseball is not less than 5 nor more than 5¼ ounces. (Source)



A: 108 double stitches, sewn by hand.



A: This is one of the most-asked questions people ask about baseballs. The inside of a baseball consists of a tiny, grape-sized cork ball, which is surrounded by two layers of rubber. This rubber and cork core is wrapped with 121 yards of 4-ply gray wool yarn, 45 yards of 3-ply white wool yarn, 53 yards of 3-ply gray wool yarn and finished with 150 yards of cotton yarn. Lastly, all this is covered with two strips of cowhide leather which is stitched together using red cotton thread. (Source)

Baseball (ball) components:

  • Cork center
  • Black rubber
  • Red rubber
  • 4-ply wool yarn
  • 3-ply wool yarn
  • Cotton yarn
  • Cowhide leather
  • Cotton thread



A: This:

What does the inside of a baseball look like?



A: On average, about 65 baseballs are used in each MLB game. (Source)



A: Total, including batting practice, bullpen use, and official game balls, MLB uses around 1.26 million balls each year. Actual game balls, taking the 65 per game average above, is probably around 157,950. (Source)



A: In 1876, A.G. Spalding (a famous pitcher at the time who made his own baseballs and namesake of Spalding Sports Equipment) began producing official balls for the new National League. Spalding continued manufacturing baseballs for MLB for 100 years. In 1976, Major League Baseball switched to Rawlings.



A: Costa Rica, at the Rawlings manufacturing plant in the town of Turrialba.



A: All of the most expensive baseballs sold have been collectible, historic balls. Currently, Mark McGwire’s 70th home run ball from the historic 1998 season holds the top spot. Sports collector Todd McFarlane bought the ball at an auction for $3 million dollars in 1999.


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15 Best MLB Games of the 2016 Postseason

MLB’s 2016 postseason was one for the ages. Day after day we saw thrilling games, often coming back to back and with entire seasons on the line. There were historic moments, an incredible array of teams with long postseason droughts, walkoff wins, stunning individual and team performances, and more.

Probably just about any baseball fan is familiar with the news behind some of these games, but we’re still not going to give anything away. So here is our ranking of the 15 best MLB games of the 2016 postseason.

15 Best MLB Games of the 2016 Postseason

  1. Cubs @ Indians, World Series Game 7 (11/2/16)
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  2. Cubs @ Giants, NLDS Game 4 (10/11/16)
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  3. Rangers @ Blue Jays, ALDS Game 3 (10/9/16)
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  4. Dodgers @ Nationals, NLDS Game 5 (10/13/16)
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  5. Orioles @ Blue Jays, AL Wild Card Game (10/4/16)
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  6. Indians @ Blue Jays, ALCS Game 5 (10/19/16)
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  7. Cubs @ Giants, NLDS Game 3 (10/10/16)
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  8. Red Sox @ Indians, ALDS Game 1 (10/6/16)
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  9. Giants @ Cubs, NLDS Game 1 (10/7/16)
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  10. Dodgers @ Cubs, NLCS Game 2 (10/16/16)
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  11. Indians @ Cubs, World Series Game 3 (10/28/16)
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  12. Blue Jays @ Indians, ALCS Game 2 (10/15/16)
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  13. Nationals @ Dodgers, NLCS Game 4 (10/11/16)
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  14. Cubs @ Dodgers, NLCS Game 5 (10/20/16)
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  15. Indians @ Cubs, World Series Game 5 (10/30/16)
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Postseason Baseball

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