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The 2016 Major League Baseball Season in 10 Memes

The 2016 Major League Baseball season was another one for the record books. Here is the 2016 MLB season in 10 memes.

1. The beginning of 2016 all MLB fans be like…

Elf Meme - I just like baseball, baseball's my favorite

I’m already feeling this for 2017.

2. A new season means new… nope, same old Mike Trout

MLB Memes for 2016 Season

Here’s the original robbery, and here’s the 2016 version (well, one of them at least). Then there’s 2015, then 2014

3. 2016 let everyone know that the weird Blue Jays-Rangers rivalry is a thing

2016 MLB Season in Memes

It made headlines everywhere, and made the rivalry between Canada and Texas a real thing.

4. This was the season of Pitchers Who Rake

Pitchers who rake - MLB

…not to mention other heavy hitters like Bartolo Colon.

5. Max Scherzer and his 20 Ks

20 strikeouts Max Scherzer

In 2016, Max joined the exclusive 20K club. Not to mention the 2-time Cy Young club. When Max is on the mound… Put your bat down, you won’t need it.

MLB Memes

6. Yankees rookie gets cray hot

MLB Memes 2016

Gary Sanchez just went insane, nearly lugging the dreary Yankees to the playoffs in the process.

7. Jose Fernandez.

2016 Baseball Season in Memes

Rest in peace. You will be missed.

8. And then…. The Cubbies.

2016 MLB Memes

The whole world pretty much turned into Cubs fans for the 2016 season.

9.  Grandpa Rossy wasn’t the only player to retire in 2016, but he sure went out with a bang

MLB Memes

Wasn’t that game unbelievable? I still get shivers. Imagine nailing a HR in your very last game… in Game 7 of the WS… to help the Cubbies break the curse… amazing.

10. Speaking of retiring, 2016 was OWNED by Ortiz

2016 MLB Memes - David Ortiz

In the final season of a no-doubt Hall of Fame career, Big Papi lead the league in doubles, slugging, and OPS, and led all of MLB in RBI. Not a bad way to go.

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