Baseball Rewatch

Find the best MLB games without spoilers or scores.

Best Baseball Games

This site is a guide to helping you find the best Major League Baseball games to watch the next day, at the end of a long week, or during the offseason. Our goal is to sort and sift through the games of each day of the MLB season, and determine which are the most interesting, captivating, thrilling, historic, etc. That way, you can always pull up a baseball game with a great pitching performance, an exciting slugfest, a rare feat, or a walk-off victory.

What we’re not: This site is NOT a place you can actually watch baseball games. You’ll need a subscription to to get the full value of this site, because that is where we will be linking.

If you’re like me, you don’t always have time to watch all the baseball you would like to while it’s being played live. So you need a resource to help you find the very best games to watch when you’re available to watch. That’s what we do.

How we rate the best baseball games

Every day, we rank each game based on a wide variety of factors. Primarily this includes changes in win expectancy, high leverage situations, and headline-making performances. We also factor in pitching game scores, highlight-reel defense, walkoffs and come-from-behind wins, team rivalries, individual feats, and even home runs (because heck, home runs are still exciting).

We then take that game and list it, with a link to watch on, so you can go straight from our spoiler-free site directly to the start of the game. That way you won’t get any unwelcome reveals or somehow accidentally see the score. So you get to watch a game just as if it were live, not knowing anything else about it other than that it was the most exciting game played across MLB that day. Pretty neat, eh?

So bookmark our site and stop by when you want to watch a game but your favorite team is on the road, or the games start later, or it is in that sad period of time known as the offseason. We’ll be here to give you endless links to the best baseball games so you can “rewatch” all the baseball you can handle.