List of 2018 Subscription Prices and Sales

Since so much of what we do here at Baseball Rewatch points you to, and since you need a subscription to watch, it’s a good idea to keep tabs on the best time to buy the service.

Throughout the MLB season the price on a subscription goes down. Subscriptions last all the way through the end of the baseball season and through the offseason. That last bit is where we are the most helpful; if you score a deal on in the last week or two of the season the price often gets down to below 10 bucks, which means that you could have 3+ months of watching great baseball games (listed here, of course, without any spoilers) for less than the price of a beer at a minor league baseball stadium.

All righty, let’s take a look at the 2018 subscription prices and sales throughout the season. You can revisit this list and use it to estimate the best time to purchase for yourself in 2019, if you don’t want to splurge for the entire season or perhaps work during the school year. Also, you may want to check out the sales from 2017. While they do not do the same sales and prices each year, the price does go down somewhat steadily throughout the year.

2018 Subscription Prices

Entire year – $115.99

This starts at the beginning of Spring Training and includes every live out-of-market game. Your local teams will be blacked out.

However, you can watch the archive recording of in-market games 90 minutes after the conclusion of the game. This is, again, where we here at Baseball Rewatch come in. You can check back here and find out if your team’s game is listed as the best of the day, then watch it just as if it were live, spoiler-free. This is, of course, assuming you don’t track your team’s progress by the minute on the MLB app, which is included with your subscription.

Price per game: $0.72

That’s the full 162-game season (of course you can watch more than one game per day, so just about as much baseball as you can handle), plus more with Spring Training.

Memorial Day Sale – $69.99

Leading up to Memorial Day (starting May 26, 2018) the price for for the rest of the year went down to $69.99. Most teams have played about 54 games by this point, leaving 108 games in the season.

Price per game: $0.64

All-Star Sale – $39.99

Just before the All-Star break, went on sale for just $39.99 for the rest of the season. At about 95-96 games in for most teams, this means that you have about 67 games left. The sale began on July 13, 2018.

Price per game: $0.60

How to watch the MLB postseason on the cheap

Thanks to the power of the internet, you don’t have to settle for a huge cable bill to be able to watch all the MLB postseason you want. There are several options available, and each has benefits and drawbacks but by being a bit clever you can watch postseason baseball on the cheap. Let’s take a look.

This post contains affiliate links. See our full disclosure here.


Who wants to read about all the various options when you’re only going to choose one? Read further for more details, but here is the four-step process

  1. Sign up for Sling TV (Orange) for a free trial on or before October 3. This will get you the AL Wild Card Game on ESPN. (FREE)
  2. Switch to Sling TV (Blue). Once the 10/3 AL WC game is over, you won’t need ESPN anymore. Switching to Sling TV Blue  will get you the other networks you need for the rest of the MLB postseason: FS1, TBS, and Fox. ($25)
  3. In some areas, Fox is not included in the Sling TV package. Get a digital antenna for the broadcast.
  4. Cancel Sling. You should be at just under one month.


Total cost (approximate):

  • $25 if Fox is included in the Sling package in your area
  • $35 if Fox is not included and you get a cheap antenna
  • $55 if Fox is not included and you get a better antenna
  • $50 if you sign up for two months and get the free Roku 


Pay-Per-Month Streaming Services

You can always watch pretty much all the postseason games with most cable subscriptions, but who wants to pay for that anymore? Cord cutting is the way of the future. There are a few popular and inexpensive ways to watch the MLB postseason without cable, like Hulu Live TV ($40/month), Playstation Vue ($40/month), Direct TV Now ($35/month), and Sling TV ($25/month for the “Blue” service). We’ll talk about Sling since it is the cheapest, and it’s also the one we actually use. (Plus you can get a free Roku streaming stick when you first sign up for Sling, which is a pretty cool bonus. This will turn any screen with an HDMI port into a “smart” TV.)

How it works: With a PC, a smart TV, or a TV connected to a streaming device (like the aforementioned Roku stick and plenty of other options) you can use the internet to “stream” television with one of the services mentioned above. Using one of these streaming services gives you more channels than broadcast TV, but less of the fluff and cords (and cost!) than ‘traditional’ cable.

You can also use your subscription. You won’t be able to watch the games live, but you can use us here at Baseball Rewatch for spoiler-free game recommendations and watch 90 minutes after the conclusion of the live game. All you need to do is have a bit of patience and stay away from social media! If you buy late in the season, it’s only about $4 and you can dip back into old games all throughout the offseason. This pairs especially well with our back posts, which tell you – without any spoilers or scores revealed – which games are the most exciting from each day of the season.


This is a stupid service, and I have no idea why it’s even a thing. It’s live “companion” coverage from the TBS broadcasts only. This means you only get alternate camera angles along with the talking head commentary. If you want to choose a camera angle and sit and watch kinda-sorta like you’re at the game, this is the option for you. Five bucks, ALCS only. It should be called ALCSAlternateFeed.TV.


Next, to choose the right services we need to know what networks and channels are broadcasting the games. Each series within the postseason can have a different broadcaster, so we need to know which channels those are so we can find the low-cost viewing options. All details below are for 2017.


ESPN will show the American League Wild Card Game on Tuesday, October 3. ESPN is available on Hulu Live TV ($40/month), Playstation Vue ($40/month), Direct TV Now ($35/month), and Sling TV (Orange, $20/month).


Fox Sports One, aka FS1, is the home for the ALDS (October 5-11) and ALCS (October 13-21). The ALCS will also be broadcast on the traditional Fox channel. FS1 is available on Hulu Live TV ($40/month), Playstation Vue ($40/month), Direct TV Now ($35/month), and Sling TV (Blue, $25/month).


Fox will show the ALCS and the World Series. You can pick up a decent digital TV antenna, or go with this nearly-equally-excellent thinline antenna. Fox is available over the air and in some areas with the aforementioned streaming services.


The Major League Baseball Network is the home for Games 1 and 2 of the ALDS (also showing on FS1). This means that if you get FS1, you won’t need MLBN.


The NLDS and NLCS can be watched on the Turner Broadcasting System (TBS). TBS is available on Hulu Live TV ($40/month), Playstation Vue ($40/month), Direct TV Now ($35/month), and Sling TV (Both Orange, $20/month, and Blue, $25/month).


So you can see that you have several options to affordably cobble together the stations you need in order to watch the MLB postseason on the cheap. Using the internet and a wise selection of the streaming service that suits your needs, you can watch all through October for about $25-50. As we mentioned at the beginning, Sling TV is the cheapest option, but you may consider one of the other services if there are other shows or events you would like to watch once the World Series concludes.

How to watch the 2017 MLB Postseason on the cheap

2017 Deals on Deals Throughout the Year: When is the best time to buy

Here at Baseball Rewatch, we love It’s a great resource – despite the blackout restrictions, which is a whole other issue – and for the cost, you can watch as much pro baseball as you like for a few buck per game (if you’re a casual fan) down to pennies per game (if you keep it on year-round). So if you’re flexible, when is the best time to buy What are the best deals throughout the year?

This post was originally published in 2017, and is currently being updated as new deals for 2019 roll out. We include figures from both this year (2019) and 2017 as legacy information.

You can typically get for a year-long subscription for around $110-120 USD. However, there are sales throughout the year, so if you are a casual fan sometimes you can save big by waiting a few months. Let’s take a look at the best deals on subscriptions throughout the year, and what you can reasonably expect in the upcoming year based on what they’ve offered in the past. We’ll break it down by out of pocket costs, cost(s) per month, and how much of the live regular season you get. deals throughout the year Pricing: 2019

Note that the subscription options DO NOT include the locally blackouts (i.e. the 1-3 teams closest to you), the postseason, All-Star game, and certain national broadcasts. Subscriptions ARE active until March 1st of the following year, when it will automatically renew unless you manually cancel it. That means you can “rewatch” games during the offseason, so remember to check back here to find the most entertaining games from the past year to watch without any spoilers.

2019 Annual Cost

$118.99 for the full year.

From the day after the 2018 World Series ending through the first part of the season, you can purchase an annual subscription for $118.99 as the regular price. That’s approximately $9.92 per month for the entire year, and includes the ability to “rewatch” games throughout the offseason plus the entire spring training. Not bad! The only thing is doesn’t include is your local team, which is a bummer. Buuuut….. just ignore any spoilers and watch each game a day late and it’s almost as good.

  • Out of pocket: $118.99
  • Cost per month of valid subscription: $9.92 per month (12 months, includes the offseason)
  • Cost per month of the actual season with live baseball:  $19.83 (6 months)
  • Percentage of regular season: 100%

Memorial Day Sale (2019)

May 17: $59.99 which is 50% off (limited time offer).

Not sure how long this is going to last, but they typically do 50% off starting around Memorial Day. This comes out to $13.31 for each month of baseball left in the regular season, which is a little high, but your out-of-pocket is way less and when you count the months of offseason it’s not too bad.

  • Out of pocket: $59.99
  • Cost per month of valid subscription: $6.65 per month (9 months, includes the offseason)
  • Cost per month of the actual season with live baseball:  $13.31 (about 4.5 months)
  • Percentage of regular season: 74%

Father’s Day Sale (2019)

June 9-16: $49.99

They typically do a Father’s Day sale, so this is a nice gift for Dad which will take him through a big chunk of the season without costing too much.

  • Out of pocket: $49.99
  • Cost per month of valid subscription: $6.25 per month (8 months, includes offseason)
  • Cost per month of the actual season: $14.28 (about 3.5 months)
  • Percentage of regular season: 60%

Independence Day Sale (2019)

July 1-7: $39.99

Annual Fourth of July sale that also coincides with the All-Star break. A few games past halfway through the season, you get full access to for the rest of the year for about 1/3 the normal price. After the sale ended, the price went up to $82.99 for the remainder of the year, so it’s a pretty darn good deal.

  • Out of pocket: $39.99
  • Cost per month of valid subscription: $5.71 per month (7 months, includes offseason)
  • Cost per month of the actual season: $13.33 (about 3 months)
  • Percentage of regular season: 48% Pricing: 2017

2017 annual cost: $112.99 for the full year. Sign up anytime after the 2016 postseason, and you can watch old games throughout the year (use to find the best ones!), plus get access to spring training and the entire 2017 regular season. If you buy in November, that’s basically $10.27 per month for 11 months, and if you re-up annually it comes to $9.42 per month.

  • Out of pocket: $112.99
  • Cost per month of valid subscription: $9.42 (12 months, includes the offseason)
  • Cost per month of the actual season with live baseball:  $18.33 (6 months)
  • Percentage of regular season: 100%


May 26-29 (Memorial Day sale): $56.49 which is 50% off for the rest of the year. This is a great deal, you only miss a little less than the first two months (and spring training) but you get half off.

  • Out of pocket: $56.49
  • Cost per month of valid subscription: $6.27 (9 months, includes the offseason)
  • Cost per month of the actual season with live baseball:  $14.12 (a little over 4 months)
  • Percentage of regular season: 69%


June 13-18, 2017 (Father’s Day sale): $39.99 for the remainder of the 2017 regular season. That’s a little over three and a half months for just forty bucks, plus you get the offseason.

  • Out of pocket: $39.99
  • Cost per month of valid subscription: $4.70 (8.5 months, includes the offseason)
  • Cost per month of the actual season with live baseball:  $11.42 (a little over 3.5 months)
  • Percentage of regular season: 58%


June 29, 2017 (iPhone 10th Anniversary sale): $10 for remainder of the 2017 regular season. This may or may not happen again next year, we’ll just have to wait and see. A killer deal.

  • Out of pocket: $10
  • Cost per month of valid subscription: $1.11 (9 months, includes the offseason)
  • Cost per month of the actual season with live baseball:  $3.33 (a little over 3 months)
  • Percentage of regular season: 55%


July 4, 2017 (Independence Day sale): $20.17 for the remainder of the 2017 regular season. That’s most of July, plus August and September. Three months for twenty bucks, which comes out to  $6.72 per month.

  • Out of pocket: $20.17
  • Cost per month of valid subscription: $2.52 (8 months, includes the offseason)
  • Cost per month of the actual season with live baseball:  $6.72 (roughly 3 months)
  • Percentage of regular season: 50%


August 26, 2017 (towards the end of the season): $9.99 for the remainder of the 2017 regular season. This sale happens typically towards the end of each season. I think the intention is to draw in the bargain-hunters (who can pass up ten bucks?!) and hook you in. The actual date may vary from year to year, but this is pretty consistent.

  • Out of pocket: $9.99
  • Cost per month of valid subscription: $1.67 (6 months, includes the offseason)
  • Cost per month of the actual season with live baseball:  $8.33 (a little over one month)
  • Percentage of regular season: 18-20%


September 18, 2017: $3.99 for the remainder of the 2017 regular season. This is another discount because the season is drawing to a close.

  • Out of pocket: $3.99
  • Cost per month of valid subscription: $0.72 (5.5 months, which includes the offseason)
  • Cost per month of the actual season with live baseball:  $8.00 (about a half of a month)
  • Percentage of regular season: 8%


Hopefully you can use this information to make the best choice for your viewing habits and wallet. Please comment if we’ve missed any regular sales!

MLB Thoughts

Thoughts on the first two weeks of the 2017 MLB Season (Spoilers!)

**SPOILER ALERT** (nothing specific, but still…)

Random thoughts from the first two weeks of the 2017 MLB season….

  • Madison Bumgarner is amazing, and can’t seem to catch a break.
  • Big Game James is pitching like his nickname isn’t a joke anymore.
  • Daniel Murphy keeps putting to rest the idea that he is a fluke.
  • Mike Trout can’t stop being awesome.
  • Yoenis Cespedes is by far the most electric player in baseball. He’s so exciting it doubles the disappointment of when he doesn’t come through in a big moment.
  • Francisco Lindor is coming in to his own. Let’s see if he can keep it up.
  • Everyone is wondering if Jason Heyward’s swing is truly on the mend. Things are looking good so far –
  • George Springer’s slugging in the leadoff spot is pure brilliance; kudos to him and Astros manager A.J. Hinch.
  • Angels, Reds, and Twins leading their divisions? This is a phenomenon known as “small sample size.”
  • Elvis Andrus and his leg kick are doing quite well together.
Complete List of Walkoff MLB Games for 2017

The Great List of 2017 Major League Baseball Walkoffs

Spoiler alert: Since this is called “The Great List of 2017 Major League Baseball Walkoffs,” you kinda already know what’s going to take place. Walkoffs are pretty much defined by the home team winning. So, there you go. You may know the final outcome, but how does it happen? Who has the clutch hit? Or is it a walk? A passed ball? Will it happen in the bottom of the 9th, or will it be the 12th? 10th, 13th, 15th…..??

In any case, you know these will be tight games with tense endings, and the thrill of the home crowd cheering on a clutch hit or smart baserunning. From bottom of the 9th come-from-behind two-run homers to bottom of the 12th walk-off-walks, these 2017 Major League Baseball walkoff games are simply fun to watch.

At Baseball Rewatch, we typically don’t go in for spoilers. Our goal is to provide you with a resource to watch baseball games from the past as if they were live. And not just any games – the best games from each day. You can go to and pick a random game, but wouldn’t you rather know you’re watching one of, if not the best games of the day? That’s what we do. No spoilers, no highlights, no scores, just every day’s most exciting MLB games. Check out the “daily” and “weekly” (etc.) posts to see more.

But every now and then it’s fun to switch it up and list something like this. I’m probably not the only fan that has a special weak spot for walkoffs. There’s just something ineffably exciting about the home team scoring the winning run as the crowd goes wild.

Here is our complete listing of all 2017 MLB walkoff games. Click the link to watch with your subscription.

The Great List of 2017 Major League Baseball Walkoffs

This list has been updated as the season progressed. All 203 walk-off games from the 2017 MLB regular season are listed below.

  1. Giants @ D-Backs (4/2/17)
  2. Blue Jays @ Orioles (4/3/17)
  3. Pirates @ Red Sox (4/5/17)
  4. Mariners @ Astros (4/5/17)
  5. Cubs @ Brewers (4/7/17)
  6. Blue Jays @ Rays (4/8/17)
  7. Royals @ Astros (4/9/17)
  8. Mariners @ Angels (4/9/17)
  9. Braves @ Pirates (4/9/17)
  10. Nationals @ Phillies (4/9/17)
  11. Dodgers @ Cubs (4/10/17)
  12. Rangers @ Angels (4/11/17)
  13. White Sox @ Indians (4/11/17)
  14. Phillies @ Nationals (4/14/17)
  15. Mets @ Marlins (4/14/17)
  16. Orioles @ Blue Jays (4/15/17)
  17. Phillies @ Nationals (4/16/17)
  18. Mets @ Marlins (4/16/17)
  19. Angels @ Royals (4/16/17)
  20. Rangers @ Mariners (4/16/17)
  21. Padres @ Braves (4/17/17)
  22. Brewers @ Cubs (4/19/17)
  23. Tigers @ Rays (4/19/17)
  24. Royals @ Rangers (4/20/17)
  25. Braves @ Phillies (4/22/17)
  26. Royals @ Rangers (4/22/17)
  27. Athletics @ Angels (4/25/17)
  28. Rays @ Orioles (4/26/17)
  29. Dodgers @ Giants (4/26/17)
  30. Blue Jays @ Cardinals (4/27/17)
  31. Orioles @ Yankees (4/28/17)
  32. Phillies @ Dodgers (4/29/17)
  33. Pirates @ Reds (5/1/17)
  34. Phillies @ Cubs (5/4/17)
  35. Red Sox @ Twins (5/5/17)
  36. Tigers @ Athletics (5/6/17)
  37. Brewers @ Pirates (5/6/17)
  38. Astros @ Angels (5/6/17)
  39. Nationals @ Phillies (5/7/17)
  40. Tigers @ Athletics (5/7/17)
  41. Giants @ Mets (5/8/17)
  42. Angels @ Athletics (5/8/17)
  43. Nationals @ Orioles (5/9/17)
  44. Pirates @ Dodgers (5/9/17)
  45. Orioles @ Nationals (5/10/17)
  46. Indians @ Blue Jays (5/10/17)
  47. Padres @ Rangers (5/11/17)
  48. Athletics @ Rangers (5/12/17)
  49. Reds @ Giants (5/12/17)
  50. Phillies @ Nationals (5/13/17)
  51. Padres @ White Sox (5/13/17)
  52. Mariners @ Blue Jays (5/14/17)
  53. Brewers @ Padres (5/15/17)
  54. White Sox @ Angels (5/16/17)
  55. Mets @ D-Backs (5/17/17)
  56. White Sox @ Mariners (5/18/17)
  57. Red Sox @ Athletics (5/19/17)
  58. Royals @ Twins (5/19/17)
  59. Blue Jays @ Orioles (5/19/17)
  60. Cardinals @ Dodgers (5/23/17)
  61. Pirates @ Braves (5/23/17)
  62. Rockies @ Phillies (5/25/17)
  63. Mets @ Pirates (5/27/17)
  64. Reds @ Phillies (5/27/17)
  65. D-Backs @ Pirates (5/29/17)
  66. Brewers @ Mets (5/30/17)
  67. Braves @ Reds (6/2/17)
  68. White Sox @ Tigers (6/4/17)
  69. Astros @ Royals (6/6/17)
  70. Pirates @ Orioles (6/6/17)
  71. Twins @ Mariners (6/7/17)
  72. Pirates @ Orioles (6/7/17)
  73. Mets @ Braves (6/9/17)
  74. Athletics @ Rays (6/10/17)
  75. Reds @ Dodgers (6/10/17)
  76. Phillies @ Red Sox (6/12/17)
  77. Yankees @ Angels (6/13/17)
  78. Phillies @ Red Sox (6/13/17)
  79. Yankees @ Athletics (6/15/17)
  80. Rays @ Tigers (6/15/17)
  81. Giants @ Rockies (6/15/17)
  82. Padres @ Brewers (6/16/17)
  83. Marlins @ Braves (6/17/17)
  84. Giants @ Rockies (6/18/17)
  85. Marlins @ Braves (6/18/17)
  86. Nationals @ Marlins (6/19/17)
  87. Padres @ Cubs (6/19/17)
  88. Tigers @ Mariners (6/20/17)
  89. Giants @ Braves (6/21/17)
  90. Blue Jays @ Royals (6/23/17)
  91. Reds @ Nationals (6/23/17)
  92. Rangers @ Yankees (6/23/17)
  93. Phillies @ D-Backs (6/25/17)
  94. Cardinals @ D-Backs (6/27/17)
  95. Yankees @ White Sox (6/27/17)
  96. Rockies @ Giants (6/27/17)
  97. Dodgers @ Angels (6/28/17)
  98. Rangers @ White Sox (6/30/17)
  99. Rockies @ D-Backs (7/2/17)
  100. Mets @ Nationals (7/3/17)
  101. White Sox @ Athletics (7/4/17)
  102. D-Backs @ Dodgers (7/6/17)
  103. Braves @ Nationals (7/7/17)
  104. Brewers @ Yankees (7/8/17)
  105. Yankees @ Red Sox (7/14/17)
  106. Cardinals @ Pirates (7/14/17)
  107. Giants @ Padres (7/15/17)
  108. Indians @ Athletics (7/15/17)
  109. Cardinals @ Pirates (7/16/17)
  110. Rangers @ Royals (7/16/17)
  111. Blue Jays @ Tigers (7/16/17)
  112. Phillies @ Marlins (7/17/17)
  113. Blue Jays @ Red Sox (7/18/17)
  114. Brewers @ Pirates (7/19/17)
  115. D-Backs @ Reds (7/19/17)
  116. Tigers @ Royals (7/19/17)
  117. Cardinals @ Mets (7/20/17)
  118. Nationals @ D-Backs (7/21/17)
  119. White Sox @ Royals (7/21/17)
  120. Athletics @ Mets (7/22/17)
  121. Blue Jays @ Indians (7/22/17)
  122. Padres @ Giants (7/22/17)
  123. Yankees @ Mariners (7/22/17)
  124. White Sox @ Royals (7/23/17)
  125. Braves @ Dodgers (7/23/17)
  126. Angels @ Indians (7/25/17)
  127. Rockies @ Cardinals (7/25/17)
  128. Braves @ D-Backs (7/25/17)
  129. Red Sox @ Mariners (7/25/17)
  130. Athletics @ Blue Jays (7/26/17)
  131. Twins @ Dodgers (7/26/17)
  132. Athletics @ Blue Jays (7/27/17)
  133. Rays @ Yankees (7/27/17)
  134. Twins @ Athletics (7/29/17)
  135. Rays @ Yankees (7/29/17)
  136. Braves @ Phillies (7/29/17)
  137. Royals @ Red Sox (7/29/17)
  138. Angels @ Blue Jays (7/30/17)
  139. Braves @ Phillies (7/30/17)
  140. Indians @ White Sox (7/30/17)
  141. Twins @ Athletics (7/30/17)
  142. Giants @ Dodgers (7/30/17)
  143. Blue Jays @ White Sox (7/31/17)
  144. Royals @ Orioles (7/31/17)
  145. Indians @ Red Sox (8/1/17)
  146. Mets @ Rockies (8/1/17)
  147. Mets @ Rockies (8/3/17)
  148. White Sox @ Red Sox (8/4/17)
  149. D-Backs @ Giants (8/5/17)
  150. Blue Jays @ Astros (8/6/17)
  151. Brewers @ Rays (8/6/17)
  152. Padres @ Pirates (8/6/17)
  153. Rockies @ Indians (8/8/17)
  154. Astros @ White Sox (8/10/17)
  155. Twins @ Tigers (8/12/17)
  156. Reds @ Brewers (8/12/17)
  157. Giants @ Nationals (8/13/17)
  158. Cardinals @ Red Sox (8/16/17)
  159. Reds @ Cubs (8/16/17)
  160. White Sox @ Dodgers (8/16/17)
  161. Angels @ Orioles (8/18/17)
  162. Blue Jays @ Cubs (8/20/17)
  163. Red Sox @ Indians (8/21/17)
  164. Dodgers @ Pirates (8/23/17)
  165. Rockies @ Royals (8/23/17)
  166. Athletics @ Orioles (8/23/17)
  167. Twins @ White Sox (8/23/17)
  168. Tigers @ White Sox (8/25/17)
  169. Rays @ Cardinals (8/26/17)
  170. Padres @ Marlins (8/26/17)
  171. White Sox @ Twins (8/31/17)
  172. Blue Jays @ Orioles (9/1/17)
  173. Cardinals @ Giants (9/2/17)
  174. Dodgers @ Padres (9/2/17)
  175. Athletics @ Mariners (9/2/17)
  176. Blue Jays @ Orioles (9/3/17)
  177. Brewers @ Reds (9/4/17)
  178. Giants @ Rockies (9/4/17)
  179. Yankees @ Orioles (9/5/17)
  180. Blue Jays @ Red Sox (9/5/17)
  181. Marlins @ Braves (9/7/17)
  182. Astros @ Athletics (9/8/17)
  183. Marlins @ Braves (9/9/17)
  184. Marlins @ Braves (9/10/17)
  185. Marlins @ Phillies (9/12/17)
  186. Orioles @ Blue Jays (9/12/17)
  187. Padres @ Twins (9/13/17)
  188. Royals @ Indians (9/14/17)
  189. Blue Jays @ Twins (9/14/17)
  190. White Sox @ Tigers (9/15/17)
  191. Red Sox @ Rays (9/15/17)
  192. Mets @ Marlins (9/19/17)
  193. Rockies @ Giants (9/19/17)
  194. Brewers @ Pirates (9/20/17)
  195. Indians @ Mariners (9/22/17)
  196. Cubs @ Brewers (9/23/17)
  197. Marlins @ D-Backs (9/24/17)
  198. Braves @ Mets (9/26/17)
  199. Giants @ D-Backs (9/27/17)
  200. Angels @ White Sox (9/27/17)
  201. Mariners @ Athletics (9/27/17)
  202. Pirates @ Nationals (9/28/17)
  203. Padres @ Giants (10/1/17)

2017 Major League Baseball Walkoffs

Badass Team Names

10 Most Badass Minor League Baseball Team Names

Storms are crazy. Storm chasers are badass.

Minor league baseball teams can get pretty creative in their team names. When they’re not named after their big league affiliates, the minor league team nicknames often add local color and other historical or natural influences. Sometimes – if we’re lucky – the names venture out from silly and interesting into pure badass.

So I though I’d make a roundup of the scariest, meanest, craziest, and most hardcore local team names out there. These are the ten most badass minor league baseball team names I’ve run across.

This post contains affiliate links. See our full disclosure here.

10 Badass Minor League Baseball Team Names

  1. Diablos Rojos del México. “Diablos” (i.e., Devils) is just plain cool. Originally called the Reds, their current nickname game from a 1942 game in which they were down 13-7 in the ninth inning. The team rallied back with 7 runs to win the game, leading Basilio ‘Brujo’ Rosell to exclaim, “these Reds play like devils.”
  2. Albuquerque Isotopes. Isotopes are notorious for being unstable.
  3. Omaha Storm Chasers. Did you ever see the movie Twister? Storm chasers rule.
  4. Las Vegas 51s. Named for Area 51. And Vegas.
  5. Erie SeaWolves. Wolves are scary. SeaWolves? Scary times ten.
  6. Frisco Rough Riders. Named after Teddy Roosevelt’s famously swashbuckling military regiment. That’s badass enough, but somehow the use of the abbreviated ‘Frisco makes it even cooler.
  7. Lakeland Flying Tigers. Tigers are awesome; Flying Tigers are awesomer.
  8. Quad Cities River Bandits. River bandits come and go as they please, looting and pillaging.
  9. Kannapolis Intimidators. These guys are so badass, even their name is intimidating.
  10. Peoria Javelinas. Do you know what a Javelina is? I had to look it up. It’s a dangerous, scary pig.

A badass baseball team needs a badass logo. Out of these ten minor league teams, our winner for the best (a.k.a. scariest (a.k.a. most badass)) team logo is the Lakeland Flying Tigers:

Lakeland Flying Tigers

Just check out that crazy tiger with angel wings descending from on high, like the angel of death! Scary as crap.

Lists of things

No spoilers or scores, just great baseball

Most Amazing American League Games of 2016 (No Spoilers!)

When recently posted their choices for the “Most amazing American League games of 2016,” they of course included the final score in each and every heading. You can go read their article at the link, and their reasons for selecting each game, but they will provide serious spoilers by not only stating the score right off the bat, but also describing what makes each game great.

Of course there are good reasons for them writing the article the way they did, but if you’re like me, you’ll want to watch all the best baseball games of 2016 without any of the surprise stolen from you. That’s why we’re presenting MLB’s choices for most amazing AL games of 2016, but we’re doing it by simply listing each game and letting you watch it to find out why.

You may also want to check out our post of the Most Amazing National League Games of 2016

As always, you’ll need a subscription to to follow the links.

Most Amazing American League Games of 2016


Remember to check out our National League list of most amazing games here. Pin it to save it for later:

Best Baseball Games - No Spoilers

Agree with the choices? Disagree and have better ones? Leave a comment below!

No spoilers, no scores - just great baseball

Coming on Opening Day 2017: Daily Best MLB Games, No Spoilers

Starting on April 2, 2017 – Major League Baseball’s official Opening Day for the 2017 season – we will beging listing the daily best MLB games without revealing any scores or providing any spoilers. We aim to be your go-to source whenever you want to watch a great baseball game on demand.

Daily Best MLB Games, No Spoilers

Maybe you work while the game is on live, or maybe evenings are family time. Perhaps you travel or are on call, or maybe your free time falls on odd hours when there’s no live baseball. Whatever situation you find yourself in, there will come a time when you want to use your subscription to turn on a game, and when that happens you want to watch a good game. That’s why this site is here.

Coming on Opening Day 2017

Starting on Opening Day 2017, here are we will list the top 5 or so games each day, ranked by how entertaining, thrilling, historic, or incredible the games are. We’ll take into account newsworthy events, walkoff wins, stellar pitching performances, rare feats, lead changes, and high-leverage situations to provide you with the daily best MLB games available, all without spoilers.

You’ll be able to use our site to find great baseball games to watch online or through your smart device anytime – whether you check in daily, weekly, monthly, or intermittently. Whenever you want to re-watch some quality baseball, you’ll find choice games here and you won’t have any of the thrill stolen by pre-reading the highlights or box score.

Watch Great Baseball, Anytime

This will also turn into a resource for you to catch some fun baseball during the offseason. With 30 teams playing 162 games per year, that’s 2,430 games each season – plus the postseason. There’s no way you can watch all those games during the regular season, so here you will find an abundance of fresh and choice games to view during the long, baseball-less winter months. We’ll also create “best of” lists by week, month, and year, as well as various other categories like pitching performances, postseason, grand slams, and more.

So bookmark and pin our site, subscribe in your RSS reader, and get the most out of your baseball watching experience.

Daily Best MLB Games - No Spoilers

Best Baseball Games of 2016 - NL

Most Amazing National League Games of 2016 (No Spoilers!)

The news/blog section of recently posted their take on the “Most amazing National League games of 2016.” You can read their article at the link, and their reasons for selecting each game. They explain each choice using the highlights from each game, which of course means major spoilers.

But if you’d like to watch these games without knowing the ending or any other important details in advance, we’re reproduced the bare list without giving anything away.

You may also want to check out our post of the Most Amazing American League Games of 2016

As always, you’ll need a subscription to to follow the links.

Most Amazing National League Games of 2016


Watch the games, then go check out the article to see if you agree on their choices. Also, if you’re clever, you could possibly figure out a few results just by looking at the list 🙂

Most Amazing NL Games of 2016

Anything to add to this list? Leave a comment below!

Watching MLB Games Without Spoilers or Scores

Welcome to Baseball Rewatch, Great MLB Games Without Spoilers

Welcome to Baseball Rewatch! Glad you’re here. Here’s a bit about us and how this site got started.

My Story

First of all, I’m a big baseball fan. When I was a kid, I went to a couple Oakland A’s games and of course played t-ball and Little League. But when I saw Fransisco Cabrera’s pinch hit and Sid Bream’s mad dash for home in the 1992 NLCS, I was truly and totally hooked.

Currently I work for several ecommerce sites, and do some blogging and help maintain a few other sites on the side. So I’m constantly on the computer, and when I’m not on the computer I try to be with the family or help out around the house. The end result is that I don’t catch too many live baseball games.

That’s why I love Since I occasionally am working on brainless tasks, I can flip on a ballgame while I’m working during daytime hours. I usually catch one or two games each week during the season, but the times I do there’s not always one on. So I put on a game from the day before.

I’ve always wished there was a way to make sure I choose a good game from the previous day’s MLB games. However, if I try to glance at any highlights or news items, I always get spoilers. I wished there was a source for finding the best games – since I can only catch maybe one that week – without knowing the scores or details in advance. There’s nothing like this on the interwebs, so I decided to do it myself. And that’s how Baseball Rewatch was born.

What is Baseball Rewatch?

The goal is to sift through the games of every day of each season, and find out which handful are the best. We’ll post those with direct links to the game on so you can watch – at any time – without accidentally catching a score or highlight.

We do not host any videos or recordings of MLB games. This site is simply a means to help you choose which games to watch using your baseball viewing subscription service. The most common one is, so that’s where we’ll put our focus.

We’ll also go through past seasons to find great games for you to watch during the offseason, the All-Star break, or any other time you get the itch to catch a good game.

Who is this site for?

This site is for anyone who wants to find an enjoyable baseball game to watch from the past, whether yesterday or years ago.

Specifically, this site is for people who:

  • Can’t watch their team due to blackout restrictions, but want to watch the next day
  • Can’t always watch games when they are on live
  • Want to watch a good game over the weekend at their leisure
  • Want to watch a good game during daytime hours
  • Want to watch a good game during the offseason
  • Only have small bits of time to watch baseball
  • Just got off a long shift or a week away and want to catch up on MLB
  • Rarely watch games, but want to watch a good one when able
  • Simply love watching good baseball

What metrics do you use?

Currently, we like MLB games with one or more of the following, very roughly in this order:

From this number of data points, it’s pretty easy to find 2-5 games that will stand out from the rest as more interesting, important, or enjoyable than the rest. Of course we realize that “interesting, important, or enjoyable” is pretty subjective, but the subjective combined with the unknown is what makes baseball so great.

Other stuff

We’ll have plenty of other stuff relating to baseball, including some commentary that will likely have stats, stories, scores, and other spoilers. Plus other stuff that we find interesting.