Baseball Rewatch

Find the best MLB games without spoilers or scores.


Baseball Rewatch exists to curate all the best Major League Baseball games on so you can watch great ballgames without spoilers or scores.

This site is designed for both the hardcore and the casual baseball fan, so that anyone can easily find fun, exciting, and perhaps even historic games without knowing the scores or highlights beforehand.

For the hardcore fan, this will be an archive to dip back into over the years and during the offseason, to find great baseball games to watch (or rewatch!) with the same surprise and excitement of a live game.

For the casual fan, this is a place to get a recap of the best games from the past week or month, and catch up on a game or two over the weekend. The advantage is that the casual fan will never find a dud game; no boring 9-3 matchups with the stars taking a day off and relievers being switched out every inning.

At Baseball Rewatch, you’ll find the best pitcher’s duels, silver slugger games, games with high tension and extra innings, and now and then the historic moment – maybe you’ll catch someone breaking a record, or joining the 400 home run club. But everything will be without scores revealed or other spoilers, so just like live baseball you’ll never know what you’re going to get!

Read more about the site, who it’s for, and my story here: Welcome to Baseball Rewatch!