Best Baseball Games of the Week, Spoiler Free (2019 MLB Week 17)

Come and check out the best MLB games of the week. July 14-20 is Week 17 of the 2019 Major League Baseball season, and we’re solidly into the second half of the season.

Click the team names below to watch that game, completely spoiler free. You’ll need a subscription to to watch.

MLB 2019 Week 17 – Best Baseball Games

Sunday, July 14 – Rays @ Orioles

Monday, July 15 – Rays @ Yankees

Tuesday, July 16 – Dodgers @ Phillies

Wednesday, July 17 – Pirates @ Cardinals

Thursday, July 18 – Mets @ Giants

Friday, July 19 – Padres @ Cubs

Saturday, July 20 – Athletics @ Twins

Best Game of the Week

We’ve got to go with Tuesday’s superstar-studded Dodgers @ Phillies matchup as the best game of the week.

Best Baseball Games of the Week, Spoiler Free (2019 MLB Week 1)

The first “week” of the 2019 MLB season is kinda weird. The season opener was in Japan on March 20 between the Mariners and Athletics, followed by game 2 the next day. Then we wait an entire week for the regular season Opening Day on March 28th. Whatever. It was fun to see Ichiro play in Japan, an ode to one of the greatest baseball careers of all time.

All righty, let’s take a look at the best baseball games from the first “week” (or so) of the 2019 Major League Baseball season! As always, no spoilers or scores here, just links for you to watch the best game from each day using your subscription.

MLB 2019 Week 1 – Best Baseball Games

Wednesday, March 20 – Mariners @ Athletics (Japan)

Thursday, March 21 – Mariners @ Athletics (Japan)

Thursday, March 28 – Mets @ Nationals

Friday, March 29 – D-Backs @ Dodgers

Saturday, March 30 – Indians @ Twins

Game of the Week

If you could only watch one, we’d recommend checking out the Mets @ Nationals from 3/28.