Best Baseball Games of the Week, Spoiler Free (2019 MLB Week 27)

Welcome to the final full week of the 2019 Major League Baseball season! It’s been an exciting year for baseball. And we’ve kept tabs on the most interesting and thrilling games from every single day of the season along the way. So when you get hit by the offseason blues, check back here to “rewatch” some of the best games using your subscription. You’ll be able to stream the best baseball games, spoiler free, and watch as if it were live.

For this week, September 22-29 (yes, that’s 8 days, including the final games of the year) of the 2019 regular season, check out the best games below. Enjoy!

MLB 2019 Week 27 – Best Baseball Games

Sunday, September 22 – D-Backs @ Padres

Monday, September 23 – Orioles @ Blue Jays

Tuesday, September 24 – Cardinals @ D-Backs

Wednesday, September 25 – Athletics @ Angels
Also:                                        – Astros @ Mariners

Thursday, September 26 – Dodgers @ Padres

Friday, September 27 – Athletics @ Mariners

Saturday, September 28 –

Week 28 – Best Baseball Game

Sunday, September 29 –

(Final day of the 2019 MLB season!)

Best Game of the Week

Tune in later for our pick for the best game of the week!