Best Baseball Games of the Week, Spoiler Free (2018 MLB Week 14)

Enjoy the best baseball games from 2018 MLB Week 14 without any spoilers. At Baseball Rewatch, we comb the highlights and intensity of each ballgame and run the numbers to pick the most interesting and entertaining game of each day.

We do this so that you can find fun games to watch from the past, whether you missed yesterday’s highlights or are landing here hungry for some MLB during the winter offseason. Each game links to the start of the game at, so you will need a subscription to watch. But you can watch it just like it’s a live game – all you know is that it will be a pretty good game. Which team will win? Will it be a one-hit, 14 strikeout, shutout masterpiece or a historic 18 inning affair with both teams mashing HRs left and right? You’ll have to watch to find out!

We also run the stats to give each matchup a Baseball Rewatch Game Rank that puts a quantifiable number of how uniquely enthralling the game is. The higher the number, the more interesting… provided your team wins!

MLB 2018 Week 14 – Best Games

Sunday, June 24 – Dodgers @ Mets – 121.5

Monday, June 25 – Reds @ Braves – 140.1

Tuesday, June 26 – Nationals @ Rays – 127.0

Wednesday, June 27 – Blue Jays @ Astros – 110.7
Also very good: Rockies @ Giants – 97.0

Thursday, June 28 – Twins @ White Sox – 148.0

Friday, June 29 – Giants @ D-Backs – 66.1

Saturday, June 30 – Tigers @ Blue Jays – 115.7

Week 14 Best Games Ranked

Best MLB Games of the Week

Best Baseball Games of the Week: MLB 2017 Week 14 Recap

Here are the best Major League Baseball games from week 14, which runs from July 2-8, 2017. The Diamonbacks/Dodgers 3-game series is definitely worth watching all the way through, from July 4th through the 6th.

MLB 2017 Week 14: Best Baseball Games

Sunday, July 2: Rockies @ D-Backs

Monday, July 3: Mets @ Nationals

Tuesday, July 4: White Sox @ Athletics

Wednesday, July 5: D-Backs @ Dodgers

Thursday, July 6: D-Backs @ Dodgers

Friday, July 7: Braves @ Nationals

Saturday, July 8: Brewers @ Yankees

Baseball Games of the Week, Ranked