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Find the best MLB games without spoilers or scores.

Watching MLB Games Without Spoilers or Scores

Welcome to Baseball Rewatch, Great MLB Games Without Spoilers

Welcome to Baseball Rewatch! Glad you’re here. Here’s a bit about us and how this site got started.

My Story

First of all, I’m a big baseball fan. When I was a kid, I went to a couple Oakland A’s games and of course played t-ball and Little League. But when I saw Fransisco Cabrera’s pinch hit and Sid Bream’s mad dash for home in the 1992 NLCS, I was truly and totally hooked.

Currently I work for several ecommerce sites, and do some blogging and help maintain a few other sites on the side. So I’m constantly on the computer, and when I’m not on the computer I try to be with the family or help out around the house. The end result is that I don’t catch too many live baseball games.

That’s why I love Since I occasionally am working on brainless tasks, I can flip on a ballgame while I’m working during daytime hours. I usually catch one or two games each week during the season, but the times I do there’s not always one on. So I put on a game from the day before.

I’ve always wished there was a way to make sure I choose a good game from the previous day’s MLB games. However, if I try to glance at any highlights or news items, I always get spoilers. I wished there was a source for finding the best games – since I can only catch maybe one that week – without knowing the scores or details in advance. There’s nothing like this on the interwebs, so I decided to do it myself. And that’s how Baseball Rewatch was born.

What is Baseball Rewatch?

The goal is to sift through the games of every day of each season, and find out which handful are the best. We’ll post those with direct links to the game on so you can watch – at any time – without accidentally catching a score or highlight.

We do not host any videos or recordings of MLB games. This site is simply a means to help you choose which games to watch using your baseball viewing subscription service. The most common one is, so that’s where we’ll put our focus.

We’ll also go through past seasons to find great games for you to watch during the offseason, the All-Star break, or any other time you get the itch to catch a good game.

Who is this site for?

This site is for anyone who wants to find an enjoyable baseball game to watch from the past, whether yesterday or years ago.

Specifically, this site is for people who:

  • Can’t watch their team due to blackout restrictions, but want to watch the next day
  • Can’t always watch games when they are on live
  • Want to watch a good game over the weekend at their leisure
  • Want to watch a good game during daytime hours
  • Want to watch a good game during the offseason
  • Only have small bits of time to watch baseball
  • Just got off a long shift or a week away and want to catch up on MLB
  • Rarely watch games, but want to watch a good one when able
  • Simply love watching good baseball

What metrics do you use?

Currently, we like MLB games with one or more of the following, very roughly in this order:

From this number of data points, it’s pretty easy to find 2-5 games that will stand out from the rest as more interesting, important, or enjoyable than the rest. Of course we realize that “interesting, important, or enjoyable” is pretty subjective, but the subjective combined with the unknown is what makes baseball so great.

Other stuff

We’ll have plenty of other stuff relating to baseball, including some commentary that will likely have stats, stories, scores, and other spoilers. Plus other stuff that we find interesting.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Baseball Rewatch, Great MLB Games Without Spoilers

  1. I love your website! So glad I found it. I too have tried in vain to find a spoiler free source for games and your is the only site. Keep up the great work! Thanks!

  2. Your site gave me, and probably thousands of others, solace during the pandemic. Thank you!

    The very predictable million dollar question . . . Will you continue to post for 2020 and if so, when???

  3. Hi Daniel, I love your site. I was using it a lot during the 2019 long offseason. As I missed it during the last year, I thought could try to create an index to automatize and grade every game using R Project and Retrosheet play-by-play data. And made it. You can check it at, and here is how it works, here I quote your site as something had been looking for. The truth is didn’t know you rated the games based on WPA too, I thought you did it more manually.

    1. Hey Miquel,

      Sorry I’m late to reply, I haven’t updated this site in a long time! Your tool is awesome. If I could program in any way I would have wanted to do something similar, but you’re right, I did do it more manually. (That’s what made it hard to keep up on every day…) Basically, I check the news, Game Score, WPA, and Leverage Index and, if there are several games that get a similar overall score, just make a pick. Sometimes the pick is based on, “Dang, I’ve featured the Dodgers a lot but not the Orioles, and these games are similar in terms of overall excitement so let’s go with the O’s.” Or maybe I’ll think, “No one wants to watch two bottom-of-the-division teams, let’s go with Mike Trout vs Jacob DeGrom.”

      Anyways, glad to see the site was helpful. I am considering reviving it soon. Thanks!

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