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Best Baseball Games of the Week: MLB 2017 Week 3 Recap

April 16-22 – This was Week 3 of the 2017 MLB season. An interesting week, to be sure. We’re still in the very early stages, but the standings are beginning to shake out a bit, and streaks are either cooling off or turning into the backbone of a stellar season. Several standout players are making their marks. Several teams are performing as expected, others are over- or under-performing. There’s still tons of time for standings and stats to shake up, but the pulse of the 2017 season is making itself know.

Here are the best of the best games from Week 3 in our weekly recap. You’ll never find spoilers on these posts, just great baseball games to watch using your subscription.

MLB 2017 Week 3: Best Baseball Games of the Week

  1. Phillies @ Nationals (4/16/17)
  2. Brewers @ Cubs (4/19/17)
  3. Pirates @ Cardinals (4/17/17)
  4. Red Sox @ Blue Jays (4/20/17)
  5. Tigers @ Rays (4/19/17)
  6. Marlins @ Mariners (4/18/17)
  7. D-Backs @ Padres (4/19/17)
  8. Blue Jays @ Angels (4/21/17)
  9. Braves @ Phillies (4/22/17)

Our weekly roundup is meant to highlight the very best of the best for each week. It’s tough to quantify, and you may find you disagree. That’s ok! That’s the beauty of baseball. There are ways to quantify what happens in a game, and there is also the subjective experience of it. I have to admit, I love both.

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