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Best Baseball Games of the Week: MLB 2017 Week 4 Recap

Best Baseball Games of the Week – April 23-29 was the fourth week of the 2017 MLB season. We saw monster homers, insane acrobatics, incredible pitching, walkoffs, and ballclub records set, matched, or broken. All in all, a good week for baseball fans.

We like to rank the weekly best roundup, as if that is really possible. Well, maybe it is, but we don’t have the raw computing power to effectively rank these using 100% quantifiable data. Instead, we take a combination of statistics, match them up with headlines, highlights, and box scores, then choose what look to be the most exciting games of the day (or week, as the case may have it). So feel free to disagree, that’s what being a fan is all about! Enjoy the best games of MLB 2017 week 4 in this weekly recap.

MLB 2017 Week 4: Best Baseball Games of the Week

  1. Blue Jays @ Cardinals (4/25/17)
  2. Phillies @ Dodgers (4/29/17)
  3. Athletics @ Angels (4/25/17)
  4. Braves @ Phillies (4/23/17)
  5. Orioles @ Yankees (4/28/17)
  6. Dodgers @ Giants (4/24/17)

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That’s the trouble for fans with the sheer amount of baseball available to us – 162 games played by 30 MLB clubs, each at a wonderful 2.5+ hour running time (I’m a fan of long, slow baseball games. So sue me Rob Manfred). But that’s just too much to consume. With so many games available, we might as well limit ourselves to the best. But we don’t want to know the outcome ahead of time! That’s where Baseball Rewatch comes in.

We provide listings for fun and exciting games without giving away the winner, the final score, or even the reason why we chose that game. It could be a tight 1-0 game with a 2-hit complete game shutout, or it could be a 12-7 game with a wild 8th inning comeback. It could be a three-homer game that’s close enough to stay interesting, or some unique play or performance that makes the headlines. You won’t know until you watch it!

So bookmark our site, and be sure to return during the offseason to get your baseball fix.

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