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Best Baseball Games of the Week, Spoiler Free (2019 MLB Week 24)

Over the course of this week, more than 90 baseball games will be played. If you are a subscriber to, you have the ability to watch them all. But that’s somewhere in the realm of 300 hours of baseball, and there simply isn’t that much time in the day. So what does the baseball fan do?

Well, first of all, you try to catch as many live games as you can. That’s a given.

But secondly, with your account, you can go back and watch as many games as you want during the offseason or those times in the day when nothing else is on. If you do that, you might as well watch the best game of the day, right?

So here you go. No spoilers below – you won’t know who won, you won’t even know why it was chosen. But each game is our take on the best and most exciting game of the day from each day of this week in baseball, the Major League Baseball 2019 Season, Week 24. Enjoy!

MLB 2019 Week 24 – Best Baseball Games

Sunday, September 1 – Astros @ Blue Jays

Monday, September 2 – Astros @ Brewers

Tuesday, September 3 – Mets @ Nationals

Wednesday, September 4 – Marlins @ Pirates

Thursday, September 5 – Mariners @ Astros

Friday, September 6 – Rangers @ Orioles

Saturday, September 7 – Cubs @ Brewers

Best Game of the Week

We have two picks for your consideration as the best game of the week. These games are so different it is tough to choose a clear winner. On the one hand we have Sunday’s Astros @ Blue Jays, and on the other we have Tuesday’s Mets @ Nationals. Both are well worth watching, and for very different reasons. To give more away would spoil it for you, so you’ll just have to watch. Enjoy!

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