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Best MLB Games April 14, 2017 – No Spoilers Or Scores

April 14, 2017 – I rarely get the chance to watch a game live, but yesterday I did. Pirates @ Cubs was a solid demonstration of the elegance and unpredictability of baseball, and I highly recommend you watch it for the pure enjoyment of baseball in its essence.

You’ll notice that the Pirates vs. Cubs game isn’t top ranked on this day; we use a handful of different factors to determine the “best” MLB games of each day. These factors include newsworthy events, close games, Fangraphs’ Leverage Index (only click if you want spoilers!), pitching games scores, number of ties and/or lead changes. But ultimately, it comes down to each and every fan’s personal experience of each game. There are some things you can quantify, and there are some things you cannot.

Best MLB Games – April 14, 2017

As always, do you agree, disagree? Were there better games from this day?

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