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Best MLB Games April 26, 2017 – No Spoilers Or Scores

April 26, 2017 – For all you true baseball fans, what’s next after you’ve watched your team’s game? You want more baseball, but you don’t want a “meh” game. You want to watch a great game, but everything you look up gives the scores, the highlights, and all the other reasons that particular game made the headlines. Spoiler alert much??

Here at Baseball Rewatch, we provide a list of the best MLB games from every day of the season. Plus roundups of best games of the week and month, all without spoilers. Bookmark our site and you’ll have an endless supply of quality baseball to watch in your free time. You won’t know the ending, but you will know the game will be good!

Here’s why: we select a few choice matchups from each day after examining things like the box score, highlight reels, sports headlines, and advanced statistics like leverage index and pitching game scores. Whatever makes a game stand out, that’s what helps it make the cut. We then list these games and link them so that you can simply click on the game of your choice and be directed to, where you can watch the game just as if it were live using your subscription.

Here are the best games of the day from April 26, 2017.

Best Baseball Games – April 26, 2017

As a bonus, today was a special day in MLB history. (Spoilers at the link.)

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