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Best MLB Games May 11, 2017 – No Spoilers Or Scores

Presenting the Major League Baseball games played on May 11, 2017 that are most enjoyable to watch for avid and casual MLB fans. We feature the most exciting handful of games played each day of the MLB season, and do so without letting you know scores or results ahead of time. You won’t find exciting plays or feats tipped ahead of time. Just follow the links below and you can watch excellent baseball just as if it were live.

Be sure to come back and browse our selections during the offseason. You’ll be able to enjoy MLB games year-round! The links will take you directly to that game on, so you’ll need a subscription to watch. Start at Baseball Rewatch when you’re itching to watch some great baseball games!

Best MLB Games for May 11, 2017

The MLB games listed above were chosen based on a number of factors. We take into account how close the final score was, as well as how close and intense the game was throughout. “Leverage index” from FanGraphs is a great source for this. We’ll also factor in lead changes, interesting highlight-worthy plays, spectacular feats, individual performances (think 3-HR games, a cycle, a one-hit shutout, etc), comebacks, and walkoffs.

Then we mix in the quality of the rivalry, the postseason factor (more and more so as the season draws to a close), star power, news headlines, historic feats or points of interest, and anything else that might make a game fun and enjoyable to watch. Taking all this into account, there are usually 2-5 games from each day that look interesting. We then arrange them in a somewhat subjective order and present them to you in a daily post. So if you see your team on the list, you might prefer that game. Or you can just start at the top and work your way down. Whatever works for you!

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