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10 Hardcore Minor League Baseball Team Names

Storms are crazy. Storm chasers are awesome.

Minor league baseball teams can get pretty creative in their team names. When they’re not named after their big league affiliates, the minor league team nicknames often add local color and other historical or natural influences. Sometimes – if we’re lucky – the names venture out from silly and interesting into pure crazy.

So I though I’d make a roundup of the scariest, meanest, craziest, and most hardcore local team names out there. These are the ten most awesome minor league baseball team names I’ve run across.

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10 Awesome Minor League Baseball Team Names

  1. Diablos Rojos del México. “Diablos” (i.e., Devils) is just plain cool. Originally called the Reds, their current nickname game from a 1942 game in which they were down 13-7 in the ninth inning. The team rallied back with 7 runs to win the game, leading Basilio ‘Brujo’ Rosell to exclaim, “these Reds play like devils.”
  2. Albuquerque Isotopes. Isotopes are notorious for being unstable.
  3. Omaha Storm Chasers. Did you ever see the movie Twister? Storm chasers rule.
  4. Las Vegas 51s. Named for Area 51. And Vegas.
  5. Erie SeaWolves. Wolves are scary. SeaWolves? Scary times ten.
  6. Frisco Rough Riders. Named after Teddy Roosevelt’s famously swashbuckling military regiment. That’s radical enough, but somehow the use of the abbreviated ‘Frisco makes it even cooler.
  7. Lakeland Flying Tigers. Tigers are awesome; Flying Tigers are awesomer.
  8. Quad Cities River Bandits. River bandits come and go as they please, looting and pillaging.
  9. Kannapolis Intimidators. These guys are so hardcore, even their name is intimidating.
  10. Peoria Javelinas. Do you know what a Javelina is? I had to look it up. It’s a dangerous, scary pig.

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