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May 2016 - Baseball Rewatch

Best MLB Games of the Month: May 2016

May 2016 – May means spring, and spring means baseball. And flowers and stuff.

What were the best MLB games of the month of May in the 2016 season? And can you go back and watch these games without having the ending spoiled?

The answer to both is – YES! Here at Baseball Rewatch, the goal is to be the ultimate resource for watching excellend baseball for the true MLB fan. Note: you’ll need a subscription to (or some other way to watch games online and/or on demand – currently is far and away the best source for this).

Keep following our site for daily updates (with no details revealed) on the best games of each day as the regular season progresses. But for now, in the offseason, the best way to get your MLB fix is to come here and find some quality baseball to watch. Here, we’re looking at May 2016 and finding the best game from each day of the month.

Great Games, No Spoilers

Below we’ll list our opinion of the best game(s) from each day in the month of May for the 2016 MLB season. How do we decide? Well, we look over baseball stat and news sites for highlights¬†and special achievements, and anything out of the ordinary we will include. Then we look at the game itself – does it feature excellent pitching on both sides? Does the lead switch back and forth? Is there a wild comeback? Walkoff win? A sixteen strikeout or three-home run performance? These types of factors merit inclusion.

What you won’t find – other than any spoilers – is any boring blowout games. Expect to be entertained with fun, interesting, unusual, or simply excellent baseball games from the 2016 MLB season.

Best MLB Games of the Month: May 2016

Each of the links below will take you to the game with the home team feed automatically selection. You can change the color commentary or broadcast network to the away feed (most games) once the game starts.

Interesting note #1: The entire 3-game Dodgers/Padres series of May 20-22 made the list. Great series, and you can watch the whole thing at the links below.

Interesting note #2: The very next games that both the Dodgers and the Padres played (against different opponents) made the list on the following day, May 23.

Interesting note #3: The Red Sox/Blue Jays series is another excellent 3-game series, featured from May 27-29.

5/1 Padres @ Dodgers
5/2 Rangers @ Blue Jays
5/3 Nationals @ Royals
Rangers @ Blue Jays
5/4 Angels @ Brewers
Phillies @ Cardinals
5/5 Yankees @ Orioles
Mariners @ Astros
5/6 Red Sox @ Yankees
5/7 Brewers @ Reds
Pirates @ Cardinals
5/8 Nationals @ Cubs
5/9 White Sox @ Rangers
5/10 Mets @ Dodgers
White Sox @ Rangers
5/11 Tigers @ Nationals
Blue Jays @ Giants
5/12 Mets @ Dodgers
5/13 Twins @ Indians
Angels @ Mariners
5/14 Astros @ Red Sox
Blue Jays @ Rangers
5/15 Blue Jays @ Rangers
Tigers @ Orioles
5/16 Angels @ Dodgers
5/17 Rangers @ Athletics
5/18 Cubs @ Brewers
Yankees @ D-Backs
5/19 Blue Jays @ Twins
5/20 Dodgers @ Padres
5/21 Nationals @ Marlins
Dodgers @ Padres
5/22 Dodgers @ Padres
Brewers @ Mets
5/23 Padres @ Giants
Reds @ Dodgers
5/24 Athletics @ Mariners
Orioles @ Astros
5/25 Athletics @ Mariners
Padres @ Giants
5/26 Cardinals @ Nationals
5/27 Dodgers @ Mets
Red Sox @ Blue Jays
5/28 White Sox @ Royals
Red Sox @ Blue Jays
5/29 Astros @ Angels
Red Sox @ Blue Jays
5/30 Dodgers @ Cubs
Pirates @ Marlins
5/31 Giants @ Braves
Tigers @ Angels

Did we miss any great MLB games from May 2016? Two teams failed to make the list this month – can you find them? Were we right? Do you have any others to add, mention it in the comments below! Then, bookmark or pin this post for later:

May 2016 - Best Baseball Games

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