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Best Baseball Games of the Week, Spoiler Free (2017 MLB Week 18)

July 30 through August 5, 2017 – this is MLB week 18, and we have the best games (spoiler free!) listed for you to watch at your leisure. As usual, you can click the link for each day’s matchup and it will take you to the game on, where you can watch with a subscription. The link will take you directly to the start of the game, allowing you to watch the baseball game of your choice without knowing any scores or final results beforehand. It’s just like watching it live!

MLB 2017 Week 18: Best Baseball Games

Sunday, July 30: Orioles @ Rangers

Monday, July 31: Nationals @ Marlins

Tuesday, August 1: Indians @ Red Sox

Wednesday, August 2: D-Backs @ Cubs

Thursday, August 3: D-Backs @ Cubs

Friday, August 4: White Sox @ Red Sox

Saturday, August 5: D-Backs @ Giants

Best MLB Games of the Week, Ranked

In this section we take the above games, plus perhaps a few others, and give them a relative ranking. This is the list to use if you can only watch a couple of games in a given week.

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