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Best Baseball Games of the Week, Spoiler Free (2017 MLB Week 19)

Here are the best baseball games of the week from MLB, from August 6th through the 12th. We hope you are aware that we provide links for you to watch all the very best games from every day of the Major League Baseball season. This is Week 19 of the 2017 MLB season, and for each day we check out all the games for you and find the most interesting and intense games. We look at pitching metrics, leverage index from Fangraphs, lead changes and comebacks, individual player performances and historic feats, unusual plays and situations, newsworthy events, and more so that you can find the most exciting baseball game to watch without having to go through the traditional sports and news sites that will show the score and the highlights right off the bat.

Simply click the link below for each game to watch on You’ll need an active subscription to watch.

Sunday, August 6: Blue Jays @ Astros

Monday, August 7: Marlins @ Nationals

Tuesday, August 8: Rockies @ Indians

Wednesday, August 9: Rockies @ Indians

Thursday, August 10: Royals @ Cardinals

Friday, August 11: Red Sox @ Yankees

Saturday, August 12: Twins @ Tigers

Best MLB Games of the Week, Ranked

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