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Best Baseball Games of the Week, Spoiler Free (2019 MLB Week 19)

Week 19 of 2019. Summer baseball. Heated pennant races. Extra innings. Hot dogs and home runs. Mike Trout. Game-ending catches. Triple plays. Grand slams. Spilled beer. Shouting at the TV. Shouting at your phone’s livestream. Texas leaguers. America’s pastime.

Take me out to the ballgame.

But if you can’t make it to the stadium, and can’t even make it home in time to watch the game live… come to Baseball Rewatch. Every day we list the best game of the day, spoiler free, so that you can tune in later and watch just as if it was live.

Yep. That means you can come back tomorrow, or tune in while working the graveyard night watch. You can catch up on some quality baseball during the long, boring offseason. Whenever you want to watch a great game, we’re here to help.

Each link will take you to the home team’s broadcast of that game. You’ll need a subscription to to watch.

Check out the best baseball games of the week below.

MLB 2019 Week 19 – Best Baseball Games

Sunday, July 28 – Rangers @ Athletics

Monday, July 29 – Braves @ Nationals

Tuesday, July 30 – Rays @ Red Sox

Wednesday, July 31 – Braves @ Nationals

Thursday, August 1 – Twins @ Marlins

Friday, August 2 – Giants @ Rockies

Saturday, August 3 – Mariners @ Astros

Best Game of the Week

We gotta say Saturday’s Mariners @ Astros is the must-see game of the week.

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