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Best Baseball Games of the Week, Spoiler Free (2019 MLB Week 20)

Welcome to Week 20 of the 2019 Major League Baseball season. Below, we list the best game from each day of this week across all of MLB. And we do so without giving away the results – no spoilers! So you can watch games from the recent past just as if they were live.

You’ll need a subscription to to watch. Each game is chosen based on how exciting and/or historic – you’ll find nail-biting pitcher’s duels, lead swaps, walk-offs, tight games, and back-and-forth slugfests. Plus the occasional headline-worthy game, for instance a no-hitter, a cycle, an 8-RBI game, a personal milestone, a record-setting performance, or a maybe near no-hitter. You’ll never know until you watch!

MLB 2019 Week 20 – Best Baseball Games

Sunday, August 4 – Padres @ Dodgers

Monday, August 5 – Yankees @ Orioles

Tuesday, August 6 – Blue Jays @ Rays

Wednesday, August 7 – Cardinals @ Dodgers

Thursday, August 8 – Royals @ Tigers

Friday, August 9 – Nationals @ Mets

Saturday, August 10 – Braves @ Marlins

Best Game of the Week

Every week we choose one game that stands out above the rest. For Week 20 of the 2019 MLB season, the superstar-studded Padres @ Dodgers game from Sunday is our pick for Best Game of the Week. Enjoy!

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