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Best Baseball Games of the Week, Spoiler Free (2019 MLB Week 21)

Do you want to use your account to find fun baseball games to watch? Heck yes you do. Good news: that’s why Baseball Rewatch exists.

Click each link below to watch the very best game from that day of the 2019 baseball season. No spoilers – you’ll be watching the game as if it’s live. Come back during the offseason to watch all the best games you didn’t see during the regular season.

MLB 2019 Week 21 – Best Baseball Games

Sunday, August 11 – Astros @ Orioles
also…..                Pirates @ Cardinals

Monday, August 12 – Red Sox @ Indians

Tuesday, August 13 – Red Sox @ Indians

Wednesday, August 14 – D-Backs @ Rockies

Thursday, August 15 – Cubs @ Phillies

Friday, August 16 – Cubs @ Pirates

Saturday, August 17 – Brewers @ Nationals

Best Game of the Week

Every week we choose one game as the best and most exciting game of the week. For week 21 of the 2019 Major League Baseball season, what should it be? Thursday’s Cubs @ Phillies is the stuff of legends. But amazingly enough, so is Saturday’s Brewers @ Nationals. Watch them both. Our first-ever dual pick for best game of the week!

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