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Best MLB Games April 5, 2017 – No Spoilers Or Scores

April 5, 2017, featured 15 games played by all 30 Major League Baseball teams. Your team played today, did they win? Did they lose? Was there one great performance, one clutch hit, one stellar play that stands out? Or did they blow the lead, give up some bombs, kick easy plays? Whichever team is your team, you can find out here (with your subscription). All 15 games are listed at that link.

But if you would like to watch only the very best games played on this day in MLB history, see below. This is your daily source for great baseball without any scores, tips, alerts, or spoilers. Just some quality baseball.

Best MLB Games – April 5, 2017

Click the link(s) below to watch using your subscription.

  1. Braves @ Mets
  2. Mariners @ Astros
  3. Indians @ Rangers
  4. Pirates @ Red Sox
  5. Orioles @ Blue Jays

You’re always welcome to voice your opinion in the comments. Were these the best games played on April 5, 2017? Or are there others that deserve mention?

Also note that you should check here each day to see if your favorite team’s game makes the list. This is a great way to (legally) bypass the blackout restrictions for your local team’s MLB games. Just avoid sports news and apps, and check here to see if your team’s game is worth watching the next day.

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