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Best MLB Games of the Month: April 2016

If you’re itching to watch some baseball this offseason, take advantage of your subscription to watch games from the 2016 season. We’ll post links to the very best 1-2 MLB games from each day of April 2016. And we won’t reveal any spoilers or scores!

Just like any game you watch, you’ll come to these ones not knowing whether your team is going to win or lose. You won’t know if this is going to be a slugfest or an exhibition of the pitcher’s craft. Maybe you’ll see a milestone or singular feat, or maybe you’ll see a walkoff win, or maybe you’ll simply watch a great, tense game.

Typically, each game is chosen for inclusion here by a few basic criteria: FanGraphs leverage index, close games with lead changes or extra innings, newsworthy headline-type events, combined pitching game score, inclusion in “best of” lists, or anything else that makes a game look interesting to watch. We just take it a step further and leave the mystery that comes with every live game so you can watch and rewatch great baseball.

Best MLB Games of the Month: April 2016

Note: We’re linking to home team feed, but you can change to the away feed (most games) if you prefer once the game starts.

4/3 Mets @ Royals
4/4 Nationals @ Braves
4/5 Tigers @ Marlins
Pirates @ Cardinals
4/6 Phillies @ Reds
Blue Jays @ Rays
4/7 Rangers @ Angels
4/8 Padres @ Rockies
Red Sox @ Blue Jays
4/9 Dodgers @ Giants
4/10 Cardinals @ Braves
Pirates @ Reds
4/11 Red Sox @ Orioles
Reds @ Cubs
4/12 Angels @ Athletics
Braves @ Nationals
4/13 Giants @ Rockies
4/14 Padres @ Phillies
Brewers @ Cardinals
4/15 White Sox @ Rays
4/16 Reds @ Cardinals
4/17 Angels @ Twins
Nationals @ Phillies
4/18 D-Backs @ Giants
4/19 Rays @ Red Sox
4/20 Blue Jays @ Orioles
4/21 Cubs @ Reds
4/22 Dodgers @ Rockies
Rays @ Yankees
4/23 Rangers @ White Sox
Mariners @ Angels
4/24 Twins @ Nationals
Pirates @ D-Backs
4/25 Red Sox @ Braves
4/26 Pirates @ Rockies
Indians @ Twins
4/27 Marlins @ Dodgers
4/28 Phillies @ Nationals
4/29 Astros @ Athletics
Indians @ Phillies
4/30 White Sox @ Orioles
Indians @ Phillies

If you have any others to add, mention it in the comments! Then, pin this post for later:

No spoilers, just the best baseball games to watch

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