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Best Extra Innings MLB Games from the first half of 2016

10 Incredible Extra-Innings MLB Games From the First Half of 2016

Here are the best of the best and most incredible extra-innings MLB games from the first half of 2016. What more could you possibly want in the offseason than more than* 30 hours of great baseball?!?!

*The average length of an MLB game is about 3 hours. From there the math is easy: 10 games times 3 hours is 30 hours. And since these are extra innings games… well, you get the picture.

These are games for the true baseball fan. Long after most seats have emptied, we’re the ones who are still there. As the inning count reaches into the teens, we’re still happily cheering, eating more hot dogs and Instagramming our excitement. If this is you, this is the list for you. You’ll need a subscription to to watch at the links, or you can find the games on your own subscription option if available.

We’ve listed out the best games from 2016 by each day of the month. You can find the best 2016 MLB games from April here, then May here, and just about to the All-Star break with June here. From those first three months of 2016’s most excellent and exciting games, here are our favorite extra-innings offerings that take you on a journey into the worlds beyond a typical 9 inning game.

10 Incredible Extra-Innings MLB Games From the First Half of 2016

4/17 Angels @ Twins
4/24 Twins @ Nationals
4/24 Pirates @ D-Backs
5/22 Dodgers @ Padres
5/27 Dodgers @ Mets
6/10 Cardinals @ Pirates
6/12 Red Sox @ Twins
6/15 Reds @ Braves
6/23 White Sox @ Red Sox
6/25 Mets @ Braves

Tell us: How did you like these? Did we miss any great ones? Do you have a favorite memory from watching one of these games live, or another great extra-innings game? Let us know!

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