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Best Baseball Games of the Week: MLB 2017 Week 1 Recap

April 2-8 – From Opening Day on April 2nd to the first Saturday games on April 8th, here are the best baseball games of the week. Week 1 of MLB’s 2017 season has been completed, here is your spoiler-free recap.

Week one is a small sample size, but it’s always fun to see the surprises on the stat leaderboards. There were some walkoff wins, some great pitching performances, and some swashbuckling, blow-by-blow lead-changing nail-biters.

MLB 2017 Week 1: Best Baseball Games of the Week

  1. Giants @ D-Backs (4/2/17)
  2. Cubs @ Cardinals (4/4/17)
  3. Blue Jays @ Orioles (4/3/17)
  4. Braves @ Mets (4/5/17)
  5. Indians @ Rangers (4/5/17)
  6. Cubs @ Cardinals (4/6/17)

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