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Best MLB Games April 7, 2017 – No Spoilers Or Scores

Plenty of baseball was played on April 7, 2017. The Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals come off their exciting series against each other (see here, here, and here) to play in the two best MLB games of April 7, 2017. As always, we simply list the games and the links to watch and don’t dare to spoil the ending with details of how the game turned out. That’s how it’s done with Baseball Rewatch!

Best MLB Games – April 7, 2017

Click the link(s) below to watch each of the best April 7, 2017 games using your subscription.

  1. Reds @ Cardinals
  2. Cubs @ Brewers
  3. Red Sox @ Tigers
  4. Giants @ Padres

Did you know… On this day in MLB history (April 7) in 1984, Jack Morris of the Detroit Tigers pitches a no-hitter against the Chicago White Sox. As of 2017, Morris is a topic of heated discussion regarding who should be in the Hall of Fame, and whether or not he deserves a place.

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